Ensure your wedding goes ‘Off The Hook’
Ensure your wedding goes ‘Off The Hook’
Ensure your wedding goes ‘Off The Hook’
Ensure your wedding goes ‘Off The Hook’

Ensure your wedding goes ‘Off The Hook’

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Say goodbye to boring guest books, and hello to Off The Hook, who have created a new way to capture the energy of loved ones in a totally fun way – a retro-looking phone that allows long-lasting audio messages from your guests!

Consider this, a fun focal point at your wedding that allows your loved ones the opportunity to pick up the handset and leave their well wishes right in the moment – from the hilarious to the heartfelt, every audio message is recorded and preserved for you to listen back after the big day is done.



If you’re looking for a way to capture your guests sentiments in a fun and fabulous way, Off The Hook is right up your alley.

Their retro phone is an easy addition to your wedding day plans, simply hire (with free express delivery and return shipping Australia-wide), preload a personalised greeting, adorn the space with their stylish ‘leave a message’ signage and hit the switch to turn the system on. No ugly cords or power banks here!

Your loved ones will be lining up to leave you voice messages that will entertain you forever. The hilarious from your best mates, the sentimental from your mum and dad, and the downright outrageous from everyone as the night rolls on.

All of your messages are recorded and then presented to you in an online gallery to treasure as you grow old together. Think of the fun you will have listening back to your guests after you best day ever!

There are also some great add-ons to consider for those loved ones who can’t make it to the wedding – with a virtual guest book (think your own personalised hotline for people to call and leave you all the love!), or a swanky 12” customised Vinyl record with all of your messages preciously stored. This physical keepsake is one to treasure – with a printed dust cover jacket customised with wording and an image of your choosing.


Photo: Ashleigh Haase Photography



How far out do you need to book?

Off The Hook can accept bookings from two weeks out and beyond. Your only consideration is securing the Off The Hook style you want.

If you need your Off The Hook Audio Guest Book in less than two weeks time contact the team directly and they will see what magic they can make happen.


How do I know I’ll receive it in time?

Your Off The Hook Audio Guest Book will be delivered at least three days prior to your wedding date.

They dispatch your Audio Guest Book via express courier eight days prior to wedding date to ensure early arrival. In most cases you will receive your Audio Guest Book up to five days prior to your wedding date.


Photo: Ashleigh Haase Photography


What about battery life?

Every Off The Hook Audio Guest Book is delivered fully charged with 45+ hours of battery life. Just in case you have a week long event, they also provide you a USB charging cable and it only takes 5 hours to charge from 0 to 100 percent.


I’m desperate for this audio guest book, can I get Off The Hook delivered anywhere in Australia?

Of course you can! Off The Hook loves to travel far and wide, delivery and return shipping Australia-wide is included in your hire.


My wedding celebration has a certain aesthetic to it, do the Off The Hook Audio Books come in an array of colours?

Neutral or bright, the phones come in varying shades, so you will absolutely find one to suit your style.


Photo: Ashleigh Haase Photography


How do I set it up and record a personalised greeting?

As soon as you book, you will be sent a link to record a personalised greeting through their recording portal. They will then upload it onto your Off The Hook Audio Guest Book prior to dispatch. When it arrives, it’s so simple to use. Take it out of the box and press on! Your Off The Hook Audio Guest Book is delivered fully charged with your personalised greeting.


How will my guests know how to leave a message? 

Off The Hook have thought of everything. You’re Off The Hook Audio Guest Book comes with stylish ‘how to leave a message’ signage. But it’s very easy – once it’s switched on, your guests simply pick up the phone and leave a message after hearing your greeting.


Photo: Ashleigh Haase Photography


Is there a limit on the number of messages?

Technically yes. Practically no.
You have 100 hours worth of recording memory. If every voice message was 2 minutes long you could record 3,000 voice messages.


How does returning the Audio Book work?

Simply place your Off The Hook Audio Guest Book in the prepaid express postal satchel provided and drop at your nearest post office.

You need to drop off your Audio Guest Book within 3 days following your wedding date.


Photo: Ashleigh Haase Photography


When will I receive my gallery?

Once the team has received your Off The Hook, you will receive your gallery within a day of sending us the image to customise your video files or within 5 days, whichever is sooner.


What format do the recordings come back in?

Your voice message gallery will include both MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video) files of each recording. This makes them easy to download and share to social media on any device.

Each recording is presented as a separate individual file.



We love seeing wedding done differently, and anything that includes your guests, gives them a good time and leave you with long-lasting memories for years to come, is a winner in our books. See more about Off The Hook and get your enquiry in here.

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