Off The Hook – Audio Guest Book

Say goodbye to boring guest books, and hello to Off The Hook, who have created a new way to capture the energy of loved ones in a totally fun way – a retro-looking phone that allows long-lasting audio messages from your guests !


Off The Hook are audio guest books that can be hired across Australia. Don’t quite understand what we mean? It’s a retro phone where your guests can leave voice messages, so you can keep them forever.


All they have to do is;

Pick up the phone, where your guests will hear your personalised greeting.

At the beep they leave a message straight from the heart.

Receive an online gallery of voice messages that will make you laugh, cry and wee your pants with laughter.


What sets this guest book apart is that it’s a crazy amount of fun.


Your loved ones will be lining up to leave you voice messages that will entertain you forever. The hilarious from your best mates. The sentimental from your mum and dad. And the downright outrageous from everyone as the night rolls on.


Off The Hook retro phones are internal battery operated – so there are no ugly cords or power banks to ruin your wedding aesthetic. It also means they’re the only dance floor friendly audio guest book in Australia, and there are plenty of ways to personalise your experience – from a personalised greeting guest hear when they pick up the phone, to all your messages customised with your names and an image of your choosing.  But most of all, Off The Hook aim to keep it easy. Including providing stylish ‘leave a message’ signage to accompany the phone, a simple delivery and return process, and the ability to pick a colour that matches your wedding aesthetic with 10 colours to choose from.


For those of you who like a bit of cheeky fun, and want to make your wedding celebration unforgettable and memorable, Off The Hook will be an absolute hit!


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