Fast Five – Suit Trends for 2020
Fast Five – Suit Trends for 2020
Fast Five – Suit Trends for 2020
Fast Five – Suit Trends for 2020

Fast Five – Suit Trends for 2020


Grooms deserve to feel and look amazing on their big day, it ain’t all about the bride!

With more and more men taking an interest in their own bridal fashion we felt it was timely to share some of the looks we’ve loved, as well as some tips and hints from our friends from Bellington Estate when it comes to suiting up.

So sit back, relax and enjoy our fast five suit trends for 2020.


1. Quite All White.

A super suave step up from the classic tux, this luxe look is effortlessly achieved. Oozing opulence and grace, this bold look will always complement a bridal gown and pair perfectly with a ‘white’ wedding theme.

Photo – Katie Harmsworth


2. Fabric Flair.

Take the timeless black suit and add difference and depth with a velvet base fabric accented by satin lapels. This combination demands an on trend, classy and elegant look ensuring a boujee bridal feel. For an extra pop of posh, add a patent shoe for some sublime shine.

Photo – Bek Smith


3. Winter Warmer.

Stay warm and stylish with a touch of texture and thicker blend. Think wool, tweed and heavier woven fabrics, that create a timeless look but at the same time are practical in keeping the elements at bay.


4. Light Delight.

Beige – but in a good way. Think a more casual look that can be paired with a more relaxed trouser and tan shoe. Or mix and match with navy or black for a smarter look. Lighter fabrics such as linen or cotton blends for summer months can help to avoid a fainting groom, when you opt for this fresh looking feel.

Photo – Alex Motta Weddings


5. Two Toned.

Give the classic suit a facelift by accentuating suit details with twinning tones.  Creating a chic contrast, this adds a little wow-factor while still sticking with a traditional look.

Photo – Katie Harmsworth


Want more tips?

We chatted with our well-suited friends at Bellington Estate for their expert advice.

  • Length is key. Always ensure jacket length is shorter than shirt sleeve length and that pant length is correct – this can make or break a suit.
  • Choosing colour for the bold and adventurous is best done using an earthy colour palette dependant on your wedding surrounds. I.e. A country or bush landscape can vary in tonality to the beach – choose accordingly and also pair with your complexion, eye and hair colouring.
  • Fabric selection can come down to a seasonal choice. Depending on your wedding date, the time of year and season will heavily influence decision making. Think velvet versus linen.
  • Beware of belt blunders. Sometimes a contrasting belt can create a visual divide, creating a shorter appearance. To elongate or create more height, avoid a belt altogether or ensure to match it to your suit.
  • Button brilliance. Currently a two button blazer is what’s being worn which sees only the top button done up for the most flattering look and fall of blazer line.
  • Pair your footwear wisely and colour code to add length. While a contrasting shoe can suit some, it may also shorten others.


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