Floral frenzy – 2018/19 Floral Trend Report
Floral frenzy – 2018/19 Floral Trend Report
Floral frenzy – 2018/19 Floral Trend Report

Floral frenzy – 2018/19 Floral Trend Report

Flowers By Dear Henri; image Sarah Godenzi


With the wedding season in full swing, we are always excited to see the latest and greatest bloom business emerging from our talented local florists.

From big and bold, to delicate and dainty – your approach to wedding day florals can really add to your overall style.

Enlisting the expert opinion of our favourite floral aficionados’, the ladies of Lustre Blooms, Dear Henri and Ruby & James, we got the lowdown of what to expect in the floral stakes and what trends are beginning to make their exit.

Keep reading for the Ivory Tribe floral guide for the season ahead, and some of our handy tips to keep in mind when blitzing your blooms.


Flowers By Tori Allen Events


We have a few in-house tips and tricks to make your floral journey a successful one, keep reading to get in the know!

  • Embrace your choice of venue and it’s surrounds, and enhance them through your floral design. For example, for an Autumn winery wedding, why not embrace the stunning amber and reds available, rather than fly in an out-of-season peony that’s much better suited to a late Spring or early summer wedding?


  • Seasonality – whilst keeping in mind the seasons and varieties readily available to you given your chosen date, think about colours and textures to compliment your time and setting.


Flowers By Ivy & Eve


  • Without having realised it, your wedding gown (or outfit of choice!), may also be leading you to your ideal floral style. Bridal fashion can somewhat help depict the best petals to pair with your look. Think about your cut and structure, texture and tone as these will point you in the best botanical direction. Ultimately, your floral cue should seamlessly come about as a result of your venue and dress and compliment and enhance these two key elements of your wedding day. Should you be wearing a sleek and slinky number that oozes elegance and sophistication, then maybe opt for simple yet textured blooms to contrast and compliment the chic factor.


Flowers by She’s A Wildflower


  • Feeling nostalgic – opting for a specific floral that evokes special memories or holds significance to the bride, groom, or their families, can be a lovely way to remember someone dear or an amazing time in your lives. If you’re the sentimental type, consider chatting with mother’s, aunties or grandmothers and see what floral arrangements took centre stage on their own wedding day – it might be a perfect fit and a chance to carry on a lovely family tradition.


  • The rule is, there is no rule – As with everything else that relates to planning your special day, the most important thing is that you go with your gut. If you’re all about shaking things up and don’t necessarily like anything you have seen done before, why not consider being brave and opting for a bold pallette that really stands out from the crowd? Contrasting colour can have quite an impact when done well, and even mixed with metallics, other textural elements and silk ribbons and bows as accompaniments.


Flowers By Fox & Mae


Lustre Blooms:

For Bridgette of Geelong-based Lustre Blooms, when it comes to her current floral crush, it’s all about the nude tones that are making their mark on events.  “Featuring luxe velvety tones, coupled with soft delicate pale blushes,” she adds.  “We’ve recently experimented with combining this gorgeous tones with deep reds, black foliage and sculptured greens like olive. Definitely the next ‘moody’ palette to watch out for!”


Flowers by Lustre Blooms


Speaking of moody magic, for Lustre Blooms a dramatic palette of burgundy/reds/maroons is definitely the tried and true in terms of a recent popular request. “Easily 90-95% of all wedding enquiries are looking at this palette. For this reason, we think this look might gradually fade for the 2019-2020 wedding season.”


Flowers By Pomp & Splendour


For Kim of Dear Henri, it’s all about colour explosions and dramatic juxtaposition! Consider altered states, such as reflexed roses, or painted florals and foliage for a modern and unique point of difference.

Flowers By Dear Henri

Kim is also loving flowing branches in large scale back drops and incorporating dried botanicals, such as lunaria seedpods, wild teasel and scabiosa.


If you’re anything like us, botanical terms might have you feeling bamboozled, so check out Kim’s gorgeous work for brilliant visual reference!

Flowers By Dear Henri


Getting the down-low, Kim is also loving natural-looking table florals paired with soft linen and silk fabrics and says we can expect to see more painted botanicals, bold colour and sculptural arrangements in the season to come.
“I think the classic faves will always have a place in people’s hearts so this spring and summer expect to still see ruffled peonies, David Austin roses and big blowsy dahlias,” says Kim.

Flowers By The Three Piece suit


Different colour palettes I’m loving include olives, browns and dusty lilac, with triangular, circular and geometric ceremony backdrops.
And how about a trend best left at the door? “I’d like to think that floral foam is on the way out!” she says.

Flowers By Georgie Boy

For the styling superstars of Ruby and James, they are loving flowers or greenery on mass and on a larger scale!  “We find the simplicity of just using one type of flower over a combination has it’s own unique beauty, which allows us to then play with the shape, form and texture it can create,” they say.


Flowers By Ruby & James


“We cannot get enough of dyed Phalaenopsis orchids at the moment, from blush to blue to the most stunning earl grey colour…and you only really need a few to make a statement!”

And while pampas grass has been a hot item for a little while now, it’s a gorgeous earthy look that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast.  “It ties in with so many colour combo’s and you just can’t create that texture from many other varieties.”


Flowers By Botanica Fresh Florals


The dynamic Ruby & James duo are also seeing a lot more fruit used in table setting arrangements and vases which brings such a fun element to the mix, adding that the colours are so much fun to play with.

As always, the simplicity of a bouquet of long stem roses is also becoming quite popular as it creates such a classic and understated look and they are also crushing on the colour combo’s of blush, terracotta and mustard and can see these being used in so many spring and summer events.



Flowers By Ruby & James


Time to say goodbye?

As beautiful as flower crowns are, we aren’t seeing as many requests for them anymore.  The rustic look is definitely on its way out but there are so many ways to utilise gum and natives by giving them a modern look with the right flower choices.


Flowers by Willow Bud Flowers


  • Space and scale – Spacial awareness is key for floral arrangements or installations. If you have a huge, open space and grand ceiling screaming out for a floral installation, then sure, go large and fill it with cascading towers, orbs or garlands. However, be mindful that these can potentially hit the hip pocket! It’s not just the volume of foliage and blooms but time, skill and logistics of these high impact pieces that can make a credit card cry. Keep in mind that repetition on a smaller scale can also have wonderful impact and draw they eye also so don’t shy away from clever and crafty styling like this. Your floral stylist will be the best person to have this considered conversation with, and help you to achieve the perfect look for your space.


Flowers By Ceceila Fox


  • Bouquet business – news flash: floral bouquets can be heavy suckers! Be mindful, that bigger isn’t necessarily better. Sometimes less is more, and if factoring in all of the above (style, setting and budget), means that a simple, single-stemmed rose or native fits the bill, then run with it! Keep in mind too that during your aisle walk and portraits, guests wants to get a good look at you, so don’t let an oversized bouquet hide your beautiful bridal self!


Flowers By Ceceila Fox


We’re seeing a lot of burgundy and rich deep dark tones over the cooler winter months while not surprisingly, the classic creams, ivory and whites make their timeless debut over the warmer months. Talking trends, blush and soft pinks have definitely been this year’s crowed pleasers, and we cannot wait to see more of what’s to come!

Flowers By Tori Allen Events


For more wedding trends, inspiration and insight check out our Ivory Inspiration page here on the blog.


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