Floral trends with The Redwood Florist
Floral trends with The Redwood Florist
Floral trends with The Redwood Florist
Floral trends with The Redwood Florist

Floral trends with The Redwood Florist

Florals: The Redwood Florist


Meet Lou, the talent behind The Redwood Florist. Lou’s experience across weddings and events is up there with the best, so who better to turn to when considering upcoming wedding trends, tips and tricks, than this Yarra-Valley based floral aficionado?

From colour and form, to floral varieties, Lou shares with us what we can expect to see more of in the months ahead, how to best utilise your floral budget, and things to consider when bringing your vision to life.

Settle in and get your floral inspiration and ideas flowing here.


Photo: Oh My Beating Heart



Colour is back!

Bouquet: The Redwood Florist Photo: Nikki McCrone


Colour is back baby! And I’m excited!

I’m seeing blues, oranges, pinks, yellow mixed with subtle tones. Floaty flowers like poppies, scabiosa, lisianthus etc give subtle height. Detail gives bouquets that added element which  makes a huge difference between ordinary to “wow”. Big, juicy flowers like mum chrysanthemums, hydrangea (also making a huge comeback) dahlias, roses and peonies give depth and help create layers, which is the foundation of any floral piece.


Bridal bouquets – as individual as the bride-to be.

Bouquets: The Redwood Florist


When it comes to bridal bouquets, it is very individual and will be dictated by the vibe, style and the personality of the bride – which is why the your first floral consult is very important. This process should not be rushed.

Time needs to be spent going through inspiration (photos, Pinterest boards etc), hashing out likes and dislikes, giving a couple the space to open up and feel comfortable. Structured, semi-structured, whimsical and wild looking arrangements are all still relevant, it’s all about creating for you exactly what you want.


Mismatched bridesmaid bouquets.

Bouquets: The Redwood Florist Photo: Ali Bailey


When it comes to bridesmaids, it seems mismatched bridesmaids dresses to suit shape and colour of each bridesmaid is a real winner, combined with florals to match each colour. I love this look!


Beautiful buttonholes.

Buttonhole: The Redwood Florist Photo: Love by Shae


Again, I feel it is a very individual choice for the groom and their groomsmen. Generally, I find the couples will work together and find out what their preference is. I have had grooms design and draw their own. In some instances, they opt for no buttonholes, some want to make a statement and stand out, and others go for a more subtle approach.


Make a statement at your ceremony.

Florals and stands: The Redwood Florist Photo: Nikki McCrone


I’m finding couples are focusing less on hanging installations for their reception and prefer to make a statement with their ceremony flowers.

These can be sweeping floor pieces that are arranged in different heights to create a garden-like feel, or flower towers arranged at varying heights to create a focal point. The brilliance of this is that both styles can be repurposed to the reception area.

We’re also seeing a shift in trends away from wooden arbours, and it being more about flowers and the structure. Referring to the image above, there are some key reasons this style makes for the perfect ceremony pieces.

  1. They are light and easy to move.
  2. Repurposing them to the reception area is easy.
  3. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, they can be easily pegged or weighted down.
  4. Should the weather on your day be too hot, windy or rainy, they are easily transferred inside.
  5. They suit almost any wedding style and can be as lush, floaty or light as you like – added bonus is that when you book me as a florist, these are something I have to hand, so there is no need to hire from another source.


Reception florals.

Reception flowers: The Redwood Florist Photo: Oh My Beating Heart


Usually there is limited space on reception tables. I am a huge fan of bud vases at various heights arranged along the tables, or for round tables, they can be clustered in the middle. These little vases can make a huge impact.

Using floaty flowers for height and big juicy flowers for depth, they can then be weaved in and around whatever else is being placed on the table. Ideal for round and long tables, when pared with beautiful elegant or modern candles it looks amazing!


Keep it seasonal and sustainable.


Seasonal flowers, locally grown where possible, are making a huge comeback. It’s good for our globe and what can be better than that!

Green floral foam is a huge NO NO for me, because it doesn’t break down and it goes into our waterways and causes harm to animals.

Repurpose your florals where possible, and generally it is possible. Use bouquets as decoration for cake tables, or cluster vases at different heights to create a full arrangement on the bar, wedding tables, or whatever else you like.

Invite guests to take the flowers home. What can work really well is delegate a friend who loves flowers to bunch up the florals and hand them out at the end of the night to guests when they are leaving.


As we’ve just uncovered, The Redwood Florist takes locally sourced, handpicked blooms and turns them into gorgeous floral pieces you will simply adore. If you’d like The Redwood Florist at the helm when it comes to your own fabulous florals, head here


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