The Redwood Florist

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Yarra Valley and its surrounds, The Redwood Florist creates locally sourced, handpicked blooms into gorgeous floral pieces.


When it comes to floristry, Louise of The Redwood Florist firmly believes that every bride is beautifully unique and it’s important for her creative work to reflect that –  she designs and lovingly brings to life florals that capture the personality and love story behind every wedding day she is a part of.


Using florals to capture a couple’s own sense of style, Louise ensures an in-depth consultation process that sees her truly getting to know her clients, uncovering both what they love, and what they don’t. This highly personalised services means that The Redwood Florist typically only offers one wedding per week – ensuring the highest of quality and an attention to detail that is unsurpassed.


Importantly, The Redwood Florist also opt to work without floral foams – sustainability is at the forefront, and the end result is never compromised. From selecting the florals, to seeing them transform into beautiful displays that become ever-lasting memories, the time and care that is shown throughout the process and every detail considered, is always so important to this thriving business.


It’s this passion, coupled with years’ of experience and a true skill in her craft, that sees The Redwood Florist flower weddings to utter perfection, time and time again.


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