Four wedding dance floor trends in 2021
Four wedding dance floor trends in 2021
Four wedding dance floor trends in 2021
Four wedding dance floor trends in 2021

Four wedding dance floor trends in 2021

Photo: Michael Briggs



Having played dozens of weddings this year alone, epic entertainers, One More Song will tell you  – even in between lockdowns – the vibes are high! People are up for a party.


The madness of the ongoing pandemic has meant that when they can, people are letting loose, and it’s definitely been demonstrated on the dance floor.


The One More Song team has noticed four key dance floor trends that we expect will continue to dominate weddings this year and beyond, take a read here.


1. 90s is the new 80s


The Backstreet Boys are now “retro”! 90s is currently the most popular decade we’re seeing in terms of music requests. You can have so much fun with 90s and the good thing is, the oldies still love it.


Think everything from 90s dance bangers (hello ‘Better Off Alone’ by Alice Deejay) through to fun singalongs (‘Teenage Dirtbag’, anyone?) and long-forgotten one-hit wonders (Unique II’s ‘Break My Stride’ or Dr. Alban’s ‘Sing Hallelujah!’).


It’s also full of cheesy pop that seems to be acceptable because the 90s was THE golden era for manufactured pop bands (think Spice Girls and 5ive) – so much pop indulgence!


Photo: Georgia Verrells


  1. Dance floors are going for longer


In 2021, we’ve seen the rise of marathon dance floors. Couples are limiting the formalities and focusing on the party bit of their weddings after a party-poor 2020.


We’ve always steered clients into the direction of a longer dance floor on their run sheet, but what we’re seeing now is a push towards 3 – 3.5 hour dance floors, as opposed to 1.5 – 2 hours.


Needless to say, we’re all for more dancing time!


Photo: Free The Bird


  1. Expletives are a non-issue


We’re not conservative by any means, but we are conscious of offending Nonna or the parents of young children at a wedding by playing tunes with inappropriate lyrics.


Maybe it’s ‘WAP’ or maybe it’s general anti-establishment sentiment thanks to the government keeping us locked in our homes for weeks on end, but we are definitely seeing that couples are happy for us to spin tunes with a few F bombs thrown in.


We won’t be dropping DMX during entrees, but a little bit of late night cursing when everyone’s feeling gangsta after a few drinks can be a lot of fun.

Photo: Dan Brannan


  1. Oldies + new bangers = dancing


We’ve been pleasantly surprised with older guests’ reactions to current bangers this year. For example, The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ and Endor’s ‘Pump Me Up’ have been huge hits with all ages on wedding dance floors.


We definitely feel that, compared to previous wedding seasons, there’s been more willingness to dance to newer stuff by the older guests – and we love it!



One More Song are dance floor gurus, and have got the whole spectrum of wedding entertainment covered – check them out on our directory here, and if you’re after some more entertainment inspiration – why not uncover our top first dance tracks here.




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