Getting to know Embrace Bridal
Getting to know Embrace Bridal
Getting to know Embrace Bridal
Getting to know Embrace Bridal

Getting to know Embrace Bridal

After finding the experience of searching for her own ‘dream’ wedding gown underwhelming, Kristy Wynack, along with her husband Paul, knew they had to act and so, Embrace Bride Boutique in Geelong was born.

They visioned a bridal experience that would have brides-to-be feeling welcomed, relaxed and cared for as they decided on a gown that would make them feel beautiful. Such was the success of their business, that Embrace Bridal and Formal in Ballarat also came to life.



Purchasing a gown can be stressful, but it need not be, if you trust in the services of this dream team. We sat down with Kristy and Paul to understand their passion for the bridal industry and some tips for choosing that perfect dress.

How and why did the business start? 

Embrace Bridal Boutique Geelong and Embrace Bridal and Formal Ballarat are the shared project of husband and wife team Paul and Kristy Wynack.

Born from a desire to deliver an outstanding bridal service in decadent surrounds, the pair have worked tirelessly to develop their passion project – Embrace Bridal Boutique Geelong and as of January 2016 Embrace Bridal and Formal in Ballarat.

It all started back in early 2014 while Kristy and Paul were planning their wedding. The wedding planning process was trouble and stress free other than the “DRESS”. She spent a lot of time, like most brides, researching different designers through social media and their websites as well as researching different retailers.



Kristy had narrowed down her search and had selected two bridal retailers she wanted to visit who stocked the dresses she loved. Appointments were made with huge excitement and expectation. Kristy says of her experience, “after I attended those appointments, I felt like the process was a little bit of anti climax. Although I had found a dress I loved, the experience of finding it and the customer service throughout the process was average. I believe the experience of buying your wedding dress should be like no other.”

Even though Kristy felt underwhelmed with the process of buying her gown, she knew she could do better and started to dream about putting her thoughts into action.

Through the planning and the dreaming, Kristy says, “I fell in love with the industry!”

What kind of bride embodies Embrace Bridal?

“Every bride. It’s simple. We want to and do cater for every bride regardless of style, size and budget. Every woman who walks into our stores will feel as special and unique as she is.”



What’s the Embrace Bridal experience for a bride-to-be? (first appointment through to picking up the gown)

Kristy and her staff set out to ensure that from the moment you walk into Embrace, your experience will be individual, luxurious and tailored to your specific needs.

The service should be focused on the bride as a person and who she is, what she loves and what makes her feel beautiful regardless of size, shape or age. We aim to make sure that the bride’s vision becomes a reality for every bride who walks in. Every bride receives exceptional service and genuine help to find the dress that is perfect for her.



Who should I bring to a fitting?

We recommend maybe two other people. Make sure the people you choose are close and supportive. You want someone who will be truthful, diplomatic and who you can trust. Many bride’s choose their best friend or their mum, some choose both and many want to bring the whole bridal party. Sometimes this can create confusion though. We’ve all heard the saying about too many cooks spoiling the broth and several differing opinions can cause a bit of uncertainty about what you choose. This is why we say keep the circle small at the fitting and make sure those who accompany you are completely familiar with your personal style.

What’s the most rewarding part about working with brides?

The best part of the job is that moment when you are dressing a bride and watching her reaction in the mirror, then you see it – her eyes light up and she gets this look in her eye!

You know. She knows. It’s truly special to be a part of the realization that she has found her perfect gown.



What designers/brands do you stock in your range?

Our range is always evolving as we are always looking at ways to expand it to ensure we have a huge variety of styles for our brides. Currently the labels we carry across both our stores are:-

Allure Bridal, Daughters of Simone, Jack Sullivan, Justin Alexander, Kenneth Winston, Madison James, Rosa Clara, Beautiful Brides, Q’Nique, MrK, Les Demoiselle.



What trends or styles are coming through in the current seasons?

The current season is so exciting. We are seeing, illusion fronts and backs which are all the rage and will be here for a while yet. Also look out for delicate laces and beading which are very popular and always a classic choice. We will also see soft flowing tulle and chiffon crepe skirts.

The Boho or rustic themed weddings are really big at the moment as well. Strong laces, simple designs and natural lines.



What’s the rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a veil/accessories? (style, length, over-the-face etc etc). What are the options and how do you make a decision?

The biggest rule to remember is that in this day and age there are no rules. It is imperative though that we capture the bride’s own personal style so her personality is reflected on the biggest day of her life.

Veil lengths largely depend upon the style of gown and also the comfort level of the bride. We are also seeing large numbers of brides opting out of veils all together and instead choosing an amazing hair piece that goes with the embellishments on her gown or keeping it simple with a barette/clip. Floral pieces are popular with the boho crowd and the tiara will always have a place with the bride who embodies the idea of being a princess.

As long as the accessories compliment the theme of the wedding and the main features of the gown, we can make the whole look work.



To get the process started of finding your dream gown, be sure to click here and book your appointment with Embrace today.


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