Getting down and dirty with Tony Evans Photography
Getting down and dirty with Tony Evans Photography

Getting down and dirty with Tony Evans Photography

Imagine looking back at your photos in 40 years time and seeing a pristine dress, and you standing only on dry concrete.

Now, imagine showing your grand-kids photos of you on your wedding day climbing over a fence to get into a paddock, with a bit of dust on your dress and shoes, and a massive smile plastered across your face.

Almost all of Tony Evans‘ couples say they hate posing. One way to avoid posing is to do something instead – climb into that abandoned factory, wander down that forest path, climb that fence – and that’s exactly what he will capture.

We explored this refreshing view on the topic with Tony, one of our favourite Tribe lens legends, and here are his tips for throwing caution to the wind and enjoying your day – whether your dream dress survives it or not.

“Choose a dress and shoes that you can move in”, Tony says. You’ll be on your feet all day – maybe even have some more comfy shoes to wear for the photos and dance floor.”

Adding, that it’s super hard to take nice photos of uncomfortable people. While models are great at looking relaxed when they are uncomfortable, who wants to be a model on their wedding day!

For Tony, often, the best photos are of things happening and this involves – action, movement and fun – if you can’t move in your dress, it will be a lot harder to have fun. And the proof will be in your wedding photo pudding, so to speak.

Next up, if you’re choosing to get some snaps around the glorious natural surrounds of your wedding venue or shoot location, you need to get in there! While sunset shots of a blissful bride and groom are gorgeous on the mantle piece, so too are those that let your personalities shine through, and as our experienced shutterbug shares, not only will these memories be preserved in your gorgeous gallery of images, but also in your minds as you remember all the adventurous fun you and your special person chose to have on your big day.

For Tony, his stance on this topic is evident – “regret for the things you do will be tempered by time, he says, it is regret for the things you chose not to do, that will stay with you forever.”

And we couldn’t agree more! Besides, the dress is bound to get more than a little dirty as you get down on that dance floor!

See here for some picture-perfect examples of how embracing the mess-is-more factor, can really add a new dimension to your celebrations.


We not only love Tony’s enthusiasm for treating your wedding day with the fun and joy it deserves, but especially for his epic work behind the camera. For all this and more on your dream day, get in touch with him here


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