Getting to know Neiyo Sun
Getting to know Neiyo Sun
Getting to know Neiyo Sun

Getting to know Neiyo Sun


It’s safe to say that fabulous Melbourne-based photographer Neiyo is a breath of fresh air on the wedding scene.

Neiyo’s images are candid, filled with colour and all about bringing joy to those around her. For many years after the fact, Neiyo’s couples happily reflect on their day  – brought back to memories of special details and happy moments through the work she has created.

With a stress-free attitude and her vibrant, upbeat nature, Neiyo is an absolute delight to work with and in her approach its plain to see that she’s truly grateful for the experiences she shares.

Let’s be honest, we could all do with a little extra sunshine in our lives right now, so we wanted to get to know more about Neiyo, her approach to photography and take the chance to show off some of her creative captures.

Sit back, enjoy the read, and keep in mind that if you’re still on the hunt for your own lens legend – Neiyo Sun could very well be the one for you.




Neiyo, tell us about your passion for photography, where did it all begin?

My passion for photography began funnily enough with the movie Honey. It’s about a dancer played by Jessica Alba who helped kids get off the street by giving them a purpose through their passion for dancing. I was studying Psychology at the time and realised that I don’t need to be a psychologist to make a difference, I can just do what I’m passionate about which has always been photography since I was a little kid.


Your photos ooze joy! How do you bring this to your beautiful imagery?

Oh yay, it makes me so happy to hear that! My surname is Sun and my friends joke I provide a dose of ‘Neiyo sunshine’ which I attribute to my positive outlook. On a wedding day I bring a relaxed presence and past couples have told me they’ve enjoyed having their photo taken as we laugh and have fun together. Along with a light-hearted approach to shooting, my editing style is bright and soft which also reflects the feel of a joyous day.



What is it about weddings that you have fallen so in love with?

I enjoy seeing two people in love, along with the love they have for their family and friends. At its core, a wedding day is a celebration with all the people you love the most in the whole, entire world so it’s pretty special to be invited into that space. My favourite moment to capture is that big gaga smile on the groom’s face when he sees his bride walking down the aisle! I’m also drawn to capturing the bride when she is looking her most gorgeous, natural self – especially when I spot her laughing at her husband’s jokes. Being a wedding photographer, I truly live in a love bubble!


When it comes to photography, what would you say your style is?

As your readers may have noticed, there are many trends circulating in the industry including the dark, moody type and bright, pastel style. My style is definitely the latter with glowing skin tones and pastel colours that are similar to classic film photography. I keep the contrast low which gives my images that signature soft texture and when it comes to lines, I aim to keep them straight and neat in each photo. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to colours so I spend most of my time making sure they’re accurate. For example, ensuring the white dress is actually a true white tone rather than a faded version. I capture moments as they are but also give direction during portraits so my style includes a mixture of candid and posed photos.



We know many of your happy couples have come to see you more as a friend and wedding planner, what are your top tips when it comes to planning a wedding day?

Remain chill by being organised. Your bridal party is there for you so don’t be afraid to delegate. Limit your options because sometimes having too many options is not a good thing. My final tip is to hire a wedding stylist and /or planner as they really transform your wedding to the next level, especially if you’re time limited!


You cap your number of bookings each year – can you tell us a bit around why this is, and what it means for those couples that do get to work with you? 

I get to focus my time on each couple and build a personal relationship with them in the lead up to their wedding. I see them at least twice before the big day and again after the wedding. They can call me anytime, especially if feeling stressed when organising the wedding as I have been part of this process hundreds of times throughout my career. To create the most unique and best images, I spend time scouting for the perfect locations whether it be an engagement shoot or wedding. I treat my clients more like friends I really care about them. I want them to have the best day and the best marriage – which will shine through in my photos.



Brides and grooms can feel nervous and camera-shy when it comes to this aspect of their wedding. How can they best ease any wedding day photography jitters they might be feeling?

Almost every couple tells me they are camera shy. During one engagement shoot, a bride-to-be tried to convince me she was camera shy and felt awkward showing public displays of affection. When the couple received their photos she was shocked at how loved up and relaxed they looked! Their friends proceeded to book me as their wedding photographer because they were confident I could create natural, flattering photos for them as well. Whether you’re shy or outgoing, I think it’s quite a challenge to feel uncomfortable around me! I always recommend engagement shoots as I find this relaxes the couple before the big day.


You can shoot a wedding anywhere in the world, where would you most like to be?

Anywhere? Oh my. I would love to shoot a Dubai desert wedding with camels, sand dunes, lots of gold accents, spices and a bride in a flowy dress! And an outdoor reception feast under the fairy lights ofcourse!



What is your most favourite moment of a wedding day to capture?

I have so many favorite moments! I think it’s the groom’s smile when he looks at his bride – it’s so sweet. It is just THAT look that assures me they will live happily ever after.


I want to book you! How does the process work, will I get to meet you before my big day?

Yes, I always meet with my couples. Usually we chat over a cup of delicious coffee, and I go through everything upfront including the different packages I offer and a rough itinerary for the day. I also show my beautiful albums in person which are a great keepsake to display your photos and look back on over the years to come. I require a 30% deposit to book the wedding date and that’s it, all locked in!



While COVID might be wreaking havoc on wedding planning right now, 2021 is set to be a bumper season and it’s important to lock in your suppliers stat! To add some Neiyo sunshine in your life, be sure to check out her brand spanking new website and get booking her sensational services here

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