Golden Hour – Getting the most out of your wedding photography
Golden Hour – Getting the most out of your wedding photography
Golden Hour – Getting the most out of your wedding photography
Golden Hour – Getting the most out of your wedding photography

Golden Hour – Getting the most out of your wedding photography


Golden hour, it’s a phrase you may have heard bandied about by your photographer when planning your wedding day. Think of those gorgeous, glowing moments between newlyweds that you’ve seen all over your socials and saved for inspo… yep, golden hour.

Referring to the final hour of light before the sun sets, golden hour often produces some of the most moving wedding day imagery.

Embracing the gorgeous glow and soft lighting of the day’s last rays is one of our top wedding day tips, and if a catalogue of incredible imagery isn’t convincing enough, read on…



With wedding portraits either being factored into a wedding day before or after a ceremony, you’re often faced with harsh and not-so-favourable bright light. While your wonderful photographer can and will shoot under all conditions, it is worth taking advantage of golden hour to maximise softer and more flattering frames.


Photo – Ali Bailey


So, how to make it happen?

Firstly, let’s face facts.

While golden hour is classified as that final hour before the sun sets on your dream day, it’s worth keeping in mind that seasons, location and daylight savings will have an impact on the exact time that means for you. Check dates and sunset times to take advantage of prime time light.


Weather woes.

Hinging your hopes on a sensational sunset could set you up for disappointment. Depending on what the weather gods have in mind, Mother Nature can, and will, impact the outcome of this sunset session. It pays to have reasonable expectations, so if you do happen to have amazing light, it’s simply an added bonus of an already brilliant day. Embrace the conditions whatever they may be, your photos will be special nonetheless.


Photo – Katie Harmsworth


Time trials.

The smooth running of a wedding reception all comes down to timing, so ensure you either factor in a sneaky ten to fifteen minutes with your photographer, to make the magic happen.

With majority of Victorian weddings taking place in the warmer summer months with daylight savings in full effect, golden hour can happen right when dinner is being served or formalities are taking place. As these are both important elements of your celebration, be sure to plan in advance juggling it all in a timely manner and be sure your wedding co-ordinator and caterers are aware.

Similarly, you might not be fussed about getting these shots, and decide to forego the photo fuss, opting instead to stay inside and revel in your reception glory.


Reality check.

It pays to be realistic. While a late, golden glow can be delightful for photographers to shoot in, this doesn’t mean your photos will necessarily result in a better outcome. As long as you have secured an experienced and talented wedding shooter your imagery will be breathtaking regardless.

Take your photographer’s lead and advice when it comes to reading the light on the day – they’ll know when it’s the perfect time to snap away in those last rays of the day.


Photo – Pretty Flamingo


All in all, golden hour is a gorgeous chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the big day and spend some quiet moments with your new husband or wife. Taking a moment to reflect on the day and letting the love wash over you  is something you certainly won’t regret – whether a photographer is present or not.



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