How to handle wedding planning stress
How to handle wedding planning stress
How to handle wedding planning stress
How to handle wedding planning stress

How to handle wedding planning stress

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It can happen to even the most cool, calm and collected of couples, initially swept up in that post-engagement high, then suddenly finding yourselves a bundle of stress and ready to quit your whole wedding all together as the decision making, overwhelm and opinions come into play.

Wedding planning isn’t always easy and now more than ever, couples are experiencing a great deal of stress when it comes to planning their dream day.

If you’re feeling some stress throughout the planning process we can assure you this is totally okay and normal. However if you’re starting to drown in it, here are some tips on how to handle the overwhelm.



Prioritise what’s important.

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s important to prioritise with your partner what are the key elements of your day that are most important to you both. For some, this might be fabulous photography and a dream dress, for others it might be the entertainment, invitations and certain styling elements. Perhaps it a heartfelt ceremony, or fabulous food. Either way, start with what is most important to you and then any aspects that are not so important, you can compromise on.

By prioritising and then compromising, you’ll alleviate stress that is not required. Our wedding planning book ‘Wedding Plans‘ can absolutely help you with this task as you work out the feel you want your day to have and list wedding day priorities, meaning you can always come back to it when the stress might rear it’s ugly head once more.


Have a plan B.

While of course you want to celebrate your day in the way you have perfectly planned, it’s always good to know what your plan B is, should something throw this off track.

You might wish to postpone all together, or if you’re happy to give the guest list a little hair cut, instead opt for a sweet elopement. Knowing you’re happy to compromise for your plan B wedding celebration will save a lot of stress – this goes for inclement weather too! Make sure you have a weather back up plan should the weather not play fair.


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Let go of the pressure of social media.

While social media is a wonderful tool to help plan your own wedding day, at times you might find yourself comparing your celebration with others, and as the saying goes ‘comparison is the thief of joy’.

Remember that your wedding is completely unique to you as a couple, this is what makes it a beautiful celebration of your love. If you find yourself overwhelmed by social media, take a break when you need and let go of the pressure.


Set a realistic budget.

Your budget can be the source of a great deal of stress as you make your way through the world of wedding planning. What you ‘want’ for your day, might not necessarily be what you can ‘afford’ so it’s important to start with your budget first before making big decisions.

Go back to your list of priorities, seek quotes and start to work towards the budget you have in mind. If you’re having trouble setting your budget, see our tips and hints here.


Be decisive.

While it’s of course important to compare quotes, meet suppliers and get a feel for the wedding planning game, should you come across suppliers you love, who fit within your budget, make a decision and book them. The same goes for decisions on colour palettes, invitation wording, menu choices – once you land on something you’re happy with, make the decision and be firm on it, otherwise you might find yourself going around and around in circles for weeks.

By making decisions, and sticking with them, you can ease the wedding stress by feeling confident in your choices and then you’re able to move forward.


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Handle the guest list.

It’s the kind of task that will have you losing sleep, writing and re-writing over and over again as you balance conflicting opinions and your own moral compass – yes that’s right, writing your wedding day guest list can cause mass hysteria in even the most level-headed couple. While you’d love to have all your favourite people there, sometimes this isn’t possible whether that’s due to budget or that your space won’t allow it. Get a handle on your guest list early, so you can leave this task behind you, here are some top tips for handling the guest list before it handles you.


Take a breather.

Wedding planning can feel like a full time job, but if it starts not to feel fun then it’s important to take a break. Whether that’s taking a week off from thinking or talking about your celebration, or simply heading outside for a 30 minute walk, catching up for a cuppa with friends, or focusing on a passion outside of wedding planning – it’s important to give yourself space when it’s needed.

Breaking your to-do list down into chunks, with realistic and achievable target dates for completion, is another way to keep a lid on the seemingly never-ending list of jobs that lay before you.


Remember why you’re getting married.

A marriage is forever, your wedding celebration is just one day – and while it’s such a special day, it’s not about the colour of your napkins, the style of arbour or your wedding favours, it’s about your love. So when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, remember your love for one another and let that inspire you.



If you need a hand compiling your wedding day dream team to help alleviate wedding planning stress, head to our directory of suppliers who are the best in the business and fully endorsed by us. 


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