Turning a bad weather forecast into a dream day
Turning a bad weather forecast into a dream day
Turning a bad weather forecast into a dream day
Turning a bad weather forecast into a dream day

Turning a bad weather forecast into a dream day

Photo: Aleksandar Jason


You’ve planned your day like the boss you are, meticulously considering each and every detail, dreaming of how it will all come together. Or, perhaps you’ve taken the laid-back, let it all unfold approach.

Either way, the one essential (sometimes infuriating) element you just can’t control is the weather. Be it brutally hot sun, relentless rain or even a super chilly day, mother nature has the potential to mess with the incredible vibes everyone aims for on a wedding day.

But, with a little thought and planning, you can work the weather to your advantage. Not sure what we’re on about? We’ve pulled together the key things to consider to ensure you’re spending a lot less time on the long range forecast and a lot more time with that smug, I’ve-got-this-all-under-control smile on your face as your dream day approaches!



Plan, plan plan.

It’s natural at some point in your planning to begin to create a vision of what your day will look like – and often, the ceremony is an easy one to visualise. You and your lover, hand in hand in front of a beautiful backdrop, saying your I Do’s; your friends and family cheering you on while you relish having all that love and excitement wash over you.

However, the reality is that if you and your guests are teeth-chatteringly cold, or feeling their blow-out turn bedraggled, or worrying about not passing out in the heat, the energy and excitement of your ceremony is likely to be impacted. So, when you’re planning your ceremony situation, try to think about what might be possible in terms of weather at that time of year, and consider at what point you’ll change up your plans if things are looking less than ideal.

It may be as simple as hiring or purchasing a few extra elements to ensure everyone is comfortable (see our list below!), or it may involve a complete relocation to a more sheltered venue. Either way, if you’ve thought through these options in advance, it will take a lot of stress out of the final countdown and ensure your day is still a blissed-out love fest.


Photo: Aleksandar Jason


Consider your setting.

A beautiful outdoor wedding can be a true treat. But, there is a lot to love about an exquisite, intimate interior. Whether it be a low-lit, moody cellar door, or a gorgeous, glass-enclosed ocean front venue, an indoor space has a unique – and often adaptable, appeal.

We love that when a ceremony takes place inside, a different sort of intensity occurs – without wind, background noise and distractions, your guests are super present and so wrapped up in what is taking place. It can be a truly magical moment, especially if the wild weather is raging outside!

So don’t be afraid to consider an indoor option as your Plan B. Chat to your venue and see what they have to offer, and make sure it’s something you’ll feel comfortable with and excited by if Mother Nature doesn’t play the game.


Photo: Tony Evans Photography


Have a flexible schedule.

It may be that your ceremony is scheduled for 4pm, right as that crazy rainstorm is due to hit. Chat to your vendors – best-case scenario, you’ve got the option to hold off the ceremony for a moment until the rain has passed. In the meantime, they give your guests a glass of bubbles and somewhere to shelter, and get the party started! When it does come time to celebrate your I-Dos, the excitement will be even more palpable.



Photo: Sarah Godenzi


The photos you’ll love forever.

There is no denying it; inclement weather makes for stunning images. If you can brave a little misty rain, cloudy skies or fog filled forests, you’ll end up with photos that would hold their own against any art-house styled shoot.

When it comes time for your portrait shots, grab an umbrella, throw on a pair of gumboots, take your spouse’s hand and trust your photographer! Aesthetic magic is guaranteed to unfold.


Photo: Lonely Hunter Weddings


Getting around.

Logistics might change a little based on weather, but it’s yet another thing you can work in your favour. Maybe you planned to walk to a stunning lookout or have photos in some beautiful urban laneways.

So, instead, consider how you might get around as part of the story of the day. Perhaps it’s a last-minute Kombi hire so that you can tuck in with champagne and a blanket whilst you drive to your next photo spot, or maybe you choose to get some incredible shots whilst you jump on a city tram or train. Or, perhaps you need to shelter in a gorgeous bar or bakery, grab a warm doughnut and snuggle in together while your photog snaps away. Take a deep breath and enjoy wherever the day takes you.


Photo: Sofia Flinn


As we all know, we live in a country where the weather can be more than inconvenient; it can be downright dangerous.

Obviously, the last thing you want to think about is significant natural events. Still, the reality is that occurrences like bushfires, intense heat or violent storms can happen on any day of the year, even your wedding day. So don’t panic; just take a little time in the lead-up to consider whether it is a risk around your date or in your area, chat to your venue or planner for their opinion, and have a few plans for what you’d do if things were looking risky as you approach your wedding day. Remember that it will make things feel much more in control and allow you to relax and enjoy whatever happens on the day if you have a plan.

It is also worth remembering that vendors may include inclement weather conditions in their contracts. Check them out when you sign, so you know what is and isn’t okay for your vendors. Remember that this is their job, and they need to keep themselves, their equipment and those they work with safe too.


Photo: Sofia Flinn


Little details with big impact.

Often turning the day around can be as simple as adding a few thoughtful elements to make you and your guests comfortable.

If it’s shaping up to be a scorcher, consider having tubs of icy poles and jugs of iced water out for your guests when they arrive. Fans or paper parasols for them to keep cool during the ceremony can also be a nice touch, or you might consider hiring some outdoor umbrellas to provide shade.

Clear or matching umbrellas can also be a win when rain is looming; if your budget permits, have enough for the majority of your guests, or at the least for you and your wedding party. Similarly, soft, warm blankets laid out on seats can be a sweet touch if you’re planning a wintery wedding, and gas heaters are an easy hire option. You could even consider hiring a coffee van to hand out hot chocolates to the guests pre-ceremony.

And one easy tip? Try and be on time. No one wants to be out in the elements for longer than required if it’s not overly comfortable. Make sure you start the celebrations as scheduled, so you and your guests are in peak form to enjoy every loved-up, excitement-filled moment!


Whatever happens, try and remember that the most important element of your wedding day is that you and your love are making incredible promises to each other, surrounded by your friends and family. Trust your vendors to roll beautifully with whatever the day presents, take a few deep breaths and prepare to enjoy a truly bliss-filled, amazingly meaningful and fantastically fun day.


Photo: Aleksander Jason


Considering what your wedding day will look and feel like is often led by your choice in venue. For top things to consider when hunting for the perfect place to say I Do – visit our blog post here.



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