Illuminare by luxury bridal designer Daphne Newman
Illuminare by luxury bridal designer Daphne Newman

Illuminare by luxury bridal designer Daphne Newman


We love a little bit of luxe at Ivory Tribe, so we’re always excited to see what luxury bridal designer, Daphne Newman, has up her sleeve when it comes to a new collection.

Illuminare is the latest Daphne Newman campaign, that brings all of their collections (robes, veil and ready-to-wear) into one dramatic and incredible campaign.

Inspired by the bride she set out to design for at the inception of the brand, Daphne goes back to her roots with effortless silhouettes and dreamlike fabrics, brought to life with unexpected and striking embellishment. Untamed ruffles are met with dramatic hemlines, while a symphony of beadwork and texture softly sculpt the female shape. Daphne’s imitable silhouettes are a true celebration of femininity and a beautiful balance of statement and softness.  

Shot in Italy by renowned photographer, Lelia Scarfiotti, these incredible images, set in an abandoned apartment, push the boundaries of the brand with these poetic and moody frames. 

What we adore about these pieces is that they become a timeless memory for a bride of her wedding style, and an heirloom for future generations. A rarity in our modern society of fast fashion, and this is why we are so proud to have Daphne Newman on our Tribe.

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Photographer: Lelia Scarfiotti

Clothing + Veils + Robes: Daphne Newman

Lingerie: Kat The Label

Model: Zoe Severini| BOOM Models

MUAH: Giulia Cresci

Florals + Set Design: Alessandra Santini of Fluida Design

Location: Fucecchio, Italy



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