The laid back approach with Lou Lou Memphis (why keeping things easy, natural and fun works best!)

The laid back approach with Lou Lou Memphis (why keeping things easy, natural and fun works best!)


Feeling a little camera shy when it comes to your big day? Don’t worry, it’s a normal feeling for many, after all, few of us are naturals when it comes to having their photo taken.

That’s why connecting with a photographer that understands these nerves and fears, yet is able to turn what could be an awkward experience into pure magic, is imperative.

Eliza, of Lou Lou Memphis, is all of this and so much more. We sat down with her so we could get a handle on her photography style and why keeping things easy, natural and fun always works best.



Tell us a little about yourself Eliza, where are you based and how long have you been involved in photography?

I’m originally from a small country town in East Gippsland, I am now based in Melbourne, Victoria. I have been working as a fashion photographer for around 4 years and have been shooting weddings for 8 years.



Eliza, if you could describe your photography style in three words, what would they be?

Relaxed, Light and Natural


Most of us don’t feel natural in front of the camera, but they’re the kind of photos we want. So how do you encourage your couples to remain natural and relaxed, while still getting killer pics?

I feel this is the most common thing I hear from my couples, and the best thing I can offer is to just put your arms around each other and talk. I’ll sit back with a long lens so I’m not in your space, and I try to move you away from other guests so you’re not feeling watched and embarrassed. I just get my couples to talk to each other, as this is probably the only real alone time you’ll get for the day, and if they are still feeling uncomfortable, there’s nothing like a little squishing of your noses together to create some awkward moments which inevitability turns into laughter.



We love your laid-back approach when it comes to shooting a wedding day, so what can a couple expect will happen on their day if you’re shooting. 

My couples can expect to have their photography be the least of their concerns on the day. This is your wedding day, not a tightly run choreographed photo-shoot. The absolute most important thing on the day is for my couples to have fun. The best photos are the real moments, if you spend hours and hours taking photos you will get over it, and the smiles won’t be real. I will always read the room, give direction when needed, and keep it light and fun. Your day with me will be a balance of a few more set up shots mixed with natural light moments.



Generally speaking, Grooms seem to be a bit more apprehensive towards being photographed than Brides – how do you tackle this?

I have 3 brothers and have spent most of my studio photography life working with guys. I know how to be one of the boys. I got this 😉


If a couple is nervous about being photographed, are there any steps they can take prior to the wedding day to help calm them?

Some people offer engagement shoot’s however that’s not really my style. I do however meet with my couples before the day, and chat through everything that I will do. We usually catch up for a wine, and I think straight after meeting me, most people feel pretty at ease. I’m really easy going (must be the country girl in me) and have been doing this for a long time. The most important thing to remember is you’re marrying your best friend. You’re going to be full of love and smiles on the day so there’s going to be some good photos no matter what. I won’t overwhelm you, just think of me as a guest, with 2 cameras, and an assistant, and sometimes a videographer, but mostly a guest.



What are your favourite moments to shoot on a wedding day?

I love the first dance. The couple usually feel pretty awkward doing this, which results in them laughing hysterically which is where I capture some of the best shots.

I also love when there is an epic sunset; I always steal my bride and groom away for 10 minutes to capture the last rays.



Finally, what are your three top tips for couples to keep in mind when it comet so getting those effortlessly candid snaps?

– Lighting is everything! Make sure there is good natural light in all photo locations.

– Understand that getting natural and candid shots sometimes requires some time away from the party, don’t worry we can take some champagne along with us.

– Pick some good friends that make you laugh to be in your bridal party


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