Modern bridal accessories by Jade Ơi Studio
Modern bridal accessories by Jade Ơi Studio
Modern bridal accessories by Jade Ơi Studio
Modern bridal accessories by Jade Ơi Studio

Modern bridal accessories by Jade Ơi Studio


We’ve all been there, wedding gown purchased and the excitement is building but how does one accessorise to take their bridal look to the next level? How do you find accessories that will complement, rather than detract? And what about budget – no one wants to break the bank to fund their big day glitz and glamour?

We have recently discovered a super impressive Brooklyn-based business in Jade Ơi Studio, who is ticking all the boxes on the accessory front.



As described by brand founder designer of Ơi Studio, Baovi, until now, the bridal industry has been tethered by traditional, dated ideas of weddings and marriages for women. “We’re creating a brand that speaks to our core belief that there is no ‘right’ way to be a bride.”

With tarnish-resistant materials and high quality metals (all products are 14k or 18k gold plated and are assembled by hand, so you can buy less and wear more after your big day), skin-friendly products (always nickel free and hypoallergenic), and a price point that won’t make your eyes water – this is a wedding shopping experience you can revel in.

Based a long way from Brooklyn? Don’t despair, worldwide shipping is free, and something else we love about the Jade Ơi experience? Their supply chain starts and ends with women lead businesses and you can always feel good about your purchase, knowing where it’s come from and the ethos of the brand. We’ll say yes to that.

Discover the brand’s new collection, Anemoi, and hear from Baovi by reading on. Want a stunning Jade Ơi piece for yourself? We have an exciting giveaway on offer – reach the end of this post to find out more.


Zoe Morley Photography – Jade Oi


Baovi, we love the brand you have created, tell us a little bit about yourself and how did Jade Ơi Studio come to be?

Jade Ơi was created when I found myself struggling to find a pair of modern yet timeless earrings for my own wedding day, that were also within my budget. Everywhere I looked, earrings that were bridal-related were WAY out of my price range – I mean there was absolutely no way I could justify the spend to my fiancé!

The more affordable earrings available were either too traditional, mass-produced, or unethically made.

I was searching for something of high-quality, uniquely bridal and timeless, but minus the hefty price tag.

After endless searching and scouring of the internet, I decided to start Jade Ơi in hope of offering better bridal accessory solutions, while making the process a breeze. I wanted to redefine the conventional notions of what is beautiful in bridal and give it a fresh and modern take.

Fun fact about me: I have a background in science and technology (and food engineering) and have always dreamed of creating a brand with impact.



We are thrilled to be sharing your latest collection, can you tell us all about it and what inspired the range?

Inspired by fractured glass vases, pearlescent ceramic plates and summer afternoons, the Anemoi Collection evokes an ethereal beauty synonymous with the dry summer landscape – an organic palette of textures and a contemporary approach to tones.

The Anemoi is named after the gods of directional winds in Greek mythology – a restrained simplicity and purity, creating a sense of nonchalance and naturalness, a carefree, no fuss attitude to dressing. A classic redefined to its purest form. Our pieces in this collection bring a contemporary shift and a fresh perspective for brides, reworked to our brand’s true essence of making modern wearable pieces in bridal dressing.



You work out of Brooklyn in New York City, how much does your location – the urban mecca that is Brooklyn – inspire your work?

In New York City, we are exposed to fast-paced lifestyles, fashion-influenced work, as well as the modern beauty of a woman. The effortlessly natural, minimal but chic sense of dressing here is the muse for our new collection.

Working and living in Brooklyn, we are always inspired by the cultures, colours and bond of our community.

Brooklyn has inspired us in many ways. It’s a strong influence on our designs – focusing on a sense of wonder, beauty, and timelessness.



Can Australian brides easily access your stunning pieces?

Yes! And the shipping is on us – we offer free express shipping for all orders from Australia, Canada and the US.



We love supporting small businesses owned by women, what are some other areas of your business that set you apart from the rest?

Our process starts and ends with women in mind. Until now, the bridal industry has been tethered by traditional, dated ideas of weddings and marriages for women.

With Jade Ơi Studio, we’re creating a brand that speaks to our core belief that there is no ‘right’ way to be a bride. More than ever, we want brides to feel empowered, break the rules and do things her own way when it comes to her wedding. We emphasis the art of modern sensibility.

Everything we do and all our products are curated to reimagine what it means to be a bride today.

We also create high-quality pieces that defy the expected bridal uniform. Our designs have expected bridal elements like rhinestones, pearls and details that help a woman feel comfortable in her big-day ensemble and give her a sense of agency over the design.

Jade Ơi Studio also focuses on sustainable practices in our packaging and delivery of the product. We are reinventing the shopping experience for brides, keeping the original excitement in bridal shopping while creating a sense of empowerment.



How would you describe the typical Jade Ơi  bride?

She is a woman who defines her own set of standards and rules. A woman whose heart is filled with the spirit of independence.

A woman that carries a love for love, for life and career as well as an effort to give.

To us, these brides represent women who make their own rules.



Finally, for those that haven’t met you yet, where can they find Jade Ơi Studio and purchase?

Brides can get our pieces through our online store. We are expanding to physical locations this year so keep an eye out for those on our website!


See more of the incredible collections from Jade Ơi Studio by clicking here, and if you’re feeling lucky, HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO WIN!

In celebration of the new Jade Ơi Studio range, Anemoi Collection, we are giving you the chance to win a $500AUD voucher towards your next Jade Ơi purchase. Simply click here and subscribe to the Ivory Tribe newsletter to go into the draw. 




Competition valid from Sunday, June 14 to Sunday, June 21 2020. Winner will be drawn at random and all entrants must be subscribed to the Ivory Tribe newsletter. The winner will be announced via Instagram (@ivorytribe) and in writing by email on Monday, June 22. Competition open worldwide and gift voucher to the value of $500AUD to be governed by Jade Ơi Studio online terms of use.

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