Of Land and Sea – Styled Shoot
Of Land and Sea – Styled Shoot
Of Land and Sea – Styled Shoot
Of Land and Sea – Styled Shoot

Of Land and Sea – Styled Shoot


Of Land and Sea takes inspiration from the beautiful ballad, Beyond the Sea; realised in the contrasts, textural beauty and natural effortlessness of existence in a city by the ocean. This is a visual story where land and sea represent harmony, equally ensconcing and balancing each other whilst maintaining their individuality.

Stylist Evenio Events turned to the textures of the coast for inspiration, which made for delicate design details; soft, whimsical shells against foam-like muslin, rough offcuts of marble and coral and sculpturally statuesque ivory candles by Flort. Mad About Cakes celestial centrepiece is a vision of ivory encrusted corals and gentle sea swells.  Juxtaposed against this ethereal effect are florals by House of Figs in soft sage, warm sienna and brushed tan, echoing the natural tones of the sandscapes. Pops of neon tangerine and seashell pink nod to the golden tones of sunset reflecting across the ocean.

Centre to this serene setting is our couple, letting their hearts lead them through landscapes of rough, urban graffiti until they meet, beyond the shore, enveloped by the shimmering light. Our bride wears stunningly sublime gowns by Mariana Hardwick in fabrics of phosphorescent sequins, dramatic seafoam silk and elegant tendrils of lace.

As the sun kisses the ocean for the last time, dipping beyond the sea, our lovers are left with the perfect reflection of romance, electric unity and subtle balance echoed in all that surrounds them.

Scroll on to dive into this blissful aesthetic adventure, all captured by our very own Collections Photography.



Pulling together deluxe details to create a style sensation that is more chic than shabby can be an overwhelming task. For experts in realising your aesthetic vision, look no further than our team of stunning stylists, here.



Photography: Collections Photography

Dress: Mariana Hardwick

Hair & make-up: Amelia Mills

Stylist: Sonya at Evenio Events

Videography: Showtime Bridal

Venue: Encore St Kilda

Candles: Flort

Ceramics: Eun Ceramics

Calligraphy: Script Hannah Designs

Bridal accessories: Jeanette Maree

Flowers: House Of Figs

Celebrant: Celebrate Love Together

Linen: Cloth & Confetti Events

Crockery: Made and More Melbourne

Stationery: Paperlust

Cake: Mad About Cakes

Model Bride: Cassie Hancock

Model Groom: Paris Little







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