Perfecting your smile with Smiles of Melbourne
Perfecting your smile with Smiles of Melbourne
Perfecting your smile with Smiles of Melbourne
Perfecting your smile with Smiles of Melbourne

Perfecting your smile with Smiles of Melbourne


There is simply nothing better than a beaming bride or groom and considering how much you will be smiling on your big day, it’s natural that you might want to ensure your pearly whites have been receiving the right attention.

Many of us can be a little self-conscious about the colour of our teeth, but there’s no need to worry now that Smiles of Melbourne have opened up three incredible studios within Melbourne (Toorak, Brunswick and Templestowe). Smiles of Melbourne are the ultimate experts when it comes to teeth whitening. They do one thing and they ensure they do it well with an unrivaled level of care and expertise.

We checked them out for ourselves and were welcomed with open arms into their Toorak studio. Immediately we were struck by the professionalism and friendliness of their team. Any nerves completely disappeared as they educate through the entire process and ensure you are comfortable every step of the way.

Should you be interested in teeth whitening for yourself, you and your partner, or your entire bridal party, they can tailor something to suit your needs and all with a sensational smile.

Want to know more? We sat down with Smile of Melbourne to delve a little deeper into the teeth whitening process.


Tell us about Smiles of Melbourne and the services you offer for brides-to-be?

Smiles of Melbourne is a dentist run and operated teeth whitening clinic. We specialise in all things whitening! Simply by being dentists, we have access to the most effective whitening ingredients in the world that other non-dentists cannot access.

Our main mission at Smiles of Melbourne is to offer every individual the opportunity to brighten up the room with their smile. Our most popular method of whitening is our in-chair, single appointment whitening procedure. We also offer gradual at home whitening kits as well.

The most popular services for brides-to-be is our bridal package or couples deal. The couples deal allows both the bride and fiancé (or loved one) to experience our in-chair whitening together, with a special discounted price for each treatment. Our bridal package allows a bridal party to hire out our clinic for an evening or afternoon of whitening fun; 4 or more people have the opportunity to come in and have our in-chair whitening treatment complete, as well as receiving a take-home gradual whitening pack each for just $297 each (even better- if you get together 5 or more friends the bride receives her treatment for free).

If the bridal package sounds like it’s the perfect fit for you and your besties, take a peek here.


What can I expect from my appointment with Smiles of Melbourne?

A professional setting with qualified dentists performing your treatment. We also pride ourselves on making our clients feel comfortable throughout the whitening treatment, by carefully explaining the whitening procedure from start to finish so that you are fully aware. Our friendly team is always happy to help and provide the best experience possible.

A 1 hour in-chair session begins by filling out some general forms, then you will sit down to have a consultation with one of our friendly dentists regarding the teeth whitening process, as well as important aftercare practices. The dentist will start by covering your lips, gums, cheeks, tongue and will then apply our whitening gel formula to your teeth. A blue LED light will be placed over the top in order to activate the gel, which will stay on for 15 minutes. Then, a fresh layer of gel will be applied for a further 15 minutes under our blue LED light. The dentist will then remove the gel etc and you will rinse your mouth of any excess. It’s then your opportunity to look in the mirror and take some great selfies of your beautiful bright white teeth!



What’s the difference between using your in-chair services versus just using a kit at home?

Our in-chair teeth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide at a concentrate of 25% as the main whitening ingredient. As we are dentists we have access to higher-grade ingredients and formulas. Legally, here in Australia, take home kits are only allowed to use up to 6% hydrogen peroxide. Our take home kits are great for gradual whitening, and clients can see results from using the take home kit after a few days of consistent use. To maintain results, we also recommend our home kit that you only need to use once/week after your treatment to remove any smaller stains that occur over the week. Alternatively, some of our patients prefer to visit us more regularly (every 6 months) to have a top-up whitening treatment.


Does teeth whitening hurt?

Teeth whitening does not hurt, however a small percentage of our clients do experience some sensitivity. There is the day to day type of sensitivity, for example, eating cold food and drinks. The sensitivity you might get from whitening is because the tooth has been drying out, so it’s a different kind of sensitivity, and is unpredictable. Our formula has one of the lowest rates of sensitivity and if you do get it, it’s usually mild and would only last 12-24 hours.

Most patients do not have sensitivity and it is not very common. If you do get some sensitivity after or during your treatment, you can use some Nurofen or Panadol, but most people don’t need to go that far.


How close to the wedding should I whiten my teeth?

The length of time your whitening will last largely depends on how well you maintain and look after your whitening results, however on average we see that most results last between 6-12 months. We recommend that most brides/bridal parties receive whitening about a month before the big day- that way you can ensure optimal in-chair whitening results are achieved, and a take-home gradual kit can also be used leading up to the wedding day for a ‘top up’.



Besides the whitening process, what other tips can you give brides to have their teeth wedding ready?

Maintaining good oral hygiene practices is very important, brushing and flossing twice daily! We also recommend a general dentistry clean/check-up before teeth whitening to ensure optimal results can be achieved!

To maintain whitening results, it is also important to stay clear of staining foods such as tea, coffee, red wine, red based pasta sauces etc for 4 days after the treatment. Of course, the longer you can last staying away from staining food/drink the better- but that is why our home kit is a great way to maintain results and keep staining to a minimum after in-chair whitening.


Step inside any Smiles of Melbourne studio and book their superior services today!


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