Perfecting your tan – Top tips from Spray Aus
Perfecting your tan – Top tips from Spray Aus
Perfecting your tan – Top tips from Spray Aus

Perfecting your tan – Top tips from Spray Aus

Photo: Justin Westwood


Eager to look your bronzed, glowing best on your wedding day? Well, obviously.

We’re sure you won’t be a stranger to the best in the business when it comes to sun-free tanning solutions. Our friends at Spray Aus are a cut above the rest.

From their unrivalled professional approach to their carefully-formulated offerings, the fact that they offer a specialised trial run for brides and wedding parties, plus the in-depth knowledge that comes with prepping for the perfect tan – you are in the best hands.

We know that many brides feel nerves around the thought of tanning ahead of the big day, so we’ve asked the Spray Aus team to arm us with their best tips for getting prepped and tanned along with hearing about their incredible bridal trial run (that includes a discount for your on-the-day tan) so you can be the perfect version of gorgeously bronzed.



What is the best way to prep before a spray tan appointment? 

The secret to a long-lasting tan is in how you prepare before you step inside the studio. We love to follow the four commandments of reverse, exfoliate, remove, moisturise. 

  1. Reverse – our Tan Reverser will gently remove any old stubborn bronze so your skin is clean and fresh.
  2. Exfoliate – now gently scrub stubborn areas to smooth over any rough patches (elbows and knees, we’re looking at you).
  3. Remove – a day before you plan to bronze, removing any unwanted hair will allow for the pores to be fully closed before your appointment.
  4. Moisturise – it’s SO important to keep your skin moisturised before and after your tan because dry skin = patchy colour and nobody needs that!


Should beauty treatments like hair/nails etc take place before or after a spray tan?

Making sure your beauty appointments are in the right order will be the difference between a short-lived tan and one that goes the distance and beyond. 

  1. Nails – remember exfoliants are involved, so book this appointment prior to your spray.
  2. Tan – apply/spray two days before your event to allow for a sun-kissed glow to fully develop.
  3. Hair – once your skin is glowing it’s time for a blowdry the morning of.
  4. Make-up – the final piece of the puzzle so you can match your foundation to your bronze. 


Photo: Bianca Virtue


How far in advance should a spray tan take place to an event?

Getting a spray two days prior to your event will ensure that all loose pigments have gone, meaning the bronze will then sit naturally on top of your skin without making a mark on your clothing. 


How long does a spray tan take?

An in studio spray tan takes only 10 minutes. Your tanner will go through the process before bronzing you. Your tan will take three minutes to dry and then you are ready to put your clothes back on. 


What should I wear after my appointment?

To ensure your tan remains streak-free, it’s best to wear loose clothing, with your hair tied up and slides for your feet so they can easily slip on and off. 


Photo: Justin Westwood


When can I shower after a spray tan?

The amount of time you leave your tan on and the formula you choose, will determine the colour that it develops to. So as a general rule of thumb:


Natural & Nourishing 

1-2 hours for a light bronze

2-4 hours for a medium bronze

4+ hours for a dark bronze (no longer than 8 hours)


Deep Dark

2 hours for medium bronze

2-4 hours for dark bronze

4-6 hours for a deep dark bronze


How do I care for my spray tan in the lead up to my wedding day/event?

Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised in the lead up to your big day will ensure a flawless bridal bronze finish. 


How long does a spray tan last?

If you moisturise consistently post spray, then you will get 7-10 days of streak-free beautiful colour after your spray tan while it naturally fades. 


Photo: Bianca Virtue


How can I extend the longevity of my tan?

A trick to keep it going a little longer though is to use our nourishing Tan Extender, which keeps the skin moisturised while adding a little bit of colour to it as the original bronze fades gradually and naturally. 


Which appointment comes first, the tan or the nails?

We suggest nails before the tan! Just make sure to remove any moisturiser on your body before coming in for your tan. If you decide to tan first, they may buff the tan away around your nails, leaving white marks near your nail beds.


Photo: Bianca Virtue


Bridal Trial Tan


Spray Aus have also created a Bridal Trial Tan service so their beautiful Melbourne-based brides-to-be can find their perfect wedding spray tan.

They want you, your bridesmaids and your entire wedding party to look and feel confident, sexy and beautifully bronzed! They know your big day deserves nothing less than the best spray tan you’ve ever had.

The Bridal Trial Tan service is offered at all Spray Aus Melbourne spray tan studios or can be organised in the comfort of your own home via mobile tanning.

So, what exactly is a Bridal Trial Tan? Let us explain!


Do I need a bridal trial tan?

When you have a Bridal Trial Tan, you will find (and love) the perfect shade of bronze prior to your big day and that is one less thing you have to worry about. Again, it’s about ensuring you have the best spray tan of your life on one of the most important days of your life; your wedding.


When should I book a Bridal Trial Tan?

We recommend you book your trial spray tan at least two weeks before your wedding so there is enough time to find your perfect bronze shade and you are completely happy with the colour.


How long is the appointment? 

Extra time is allocated to our bridal tan trial service for a thorough consultation with our tanner where you’ll discuss the finer details of your wedding from your dress style and colour, to whether you need your bridesmaids tanned or if your partner is considering a spray tan as well. From there, they’ll make their spray tan shade recommendation and the whole appointment will last 15 minutes.


How much will I pay for the bridal trial tan?

This longer appointment costs $59, and it includes a take-home exfoliating mitt so that you can scrub your trial tan away before your wedding day tan. We’ll even throw in a unique 15% off discount code to be used when booking your bridal tan, hell you can even use the code to book your whole bridal party in if you want to!


How do I know what to ask for on my wedding day?

After your Bridal Trial Tan, our tanner will give you a consult card that will have all your specific spray tan colour details on it. This makes things nice and easy when you return for your bridal tan, we know you have enough to remember so we want to make this experience as stress-free as possible!
Leave nothing up in the air when it comes to your big day!


Head into their South Yarra, Richmond, Brighton or Moonee Ponds studio for the best bridal tan in Melbourne. Cant get to a studio? Chat with the Spray Aus team about their mobile tanning service too. 

You’ll find all you need to know about Spray Aus and the best tanning solutions ahead of your dream day by clicking here.

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