Plan for hidden wedding expenses like a pro.
Plan for hidden wedding expenses like a pro.
Plan for hidden wedding expenses like a pro.

Plan for hidden wedding expenses like a pro.

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Ring-a-ding-ding, you’ve got the ring! Now, do you have the bank balance to sustain your impeccable style?

When prepping for your perfect wedding, all the big and little items certainly can add up and it’s enough to give even the savviest of couples a money migraine.

This here is not about the big ticket wedding budget items – for help on that, see here, but rather, a handy little guide to the not so obvious penny pinchers that can arise when you’re planning a wedding.

Some of these you may have a handle on, others might take you by surprise – either way – get your wedding planning book out and nail your planning – like a party pro.


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Going glam!

Let’s be honest, if there was ever a time that vanity was excusable, it would be in the lead up to your wedding day. Factoring in unexpected beauty costs as your wedding fast approaches is a sensible consideration. From skin treatments, to hair removal, tanning and nails  – set out your beauty timeline and add these costs into your budget, because although you aren’t going for that high maintenance vibe, we all know it won’t just be about having a little make-up slapped on come D-Day!


Gift goodness.

Yes, it’s your day, and yes, you will most likely be showered with all the goodies, but stop and spare a thought for those in your support crew, and whether you might feel like a little ‘thank you’ is in order. From wedding parties, to your significant other, possibly parents, and maybe even kick-ass suppliers that made your wedding day dreams a reality, a little token of appreciation sometimes goes a long way. But don’t let it be a last minute stress on your budget and prepare for it in advance. To keep costs at a minimum, consider a hand-made something’ somethin’ that will pull at the heart strings and treasured for years to come.


Invitations: A Tactile Perception


Pesky postage.

So your exquisite gold foil, 800GSM hand-lettered stationery suite is to die for. The postage of such items might be enough to make you do just that. Ensuring that you factor in the pesky postage fees required to get your invitations out to your guests, as well as RSVP cards, is a wise move. To reduce these costs, and get (enviro-friendly!) consider going paperless with an online RSVP option. Whether it’s simply an email address, or a full-blown ‘wedsite’, eliminating the added fees to get your responses from A to B, will be one headache removed.


Food fuel.

Would you take on a 10-hour working day without so much as a pit stop to re-fuel? No ma’am. Spare a thought for your hard working suppliers, such as photographers, videographer and musicians, who while are no doubt enjoying the epic party you’re throwing – may also themselves need some sustenance to get them through. Many venues can accommodate supplier meals at a reduced rate as part of your catering package – so jot down a list of those who may be in need and keep the cost in mind when you’re busy getting your plan on.


Fashion passion.

You said ‘yes’ to the dress (and the price tag), but are there any hidden alteration or steaming costs for your glamorous gown or suave suit? Boutiques might not include the cost of alterations in your overall price, after all alterations take time and time is money. It’s best to be aware of these costs upfront and of course allow a little extra room in your budget so you can avoid a blowout. Spare a thought also for the possible dry-cleaning and storage costs post-wedding, to keep your gown glowing for years to come. Professional cleaning can be upwards of $500, depending on the fabric, and that’s not a fee you want to feel frazzled by.


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Favour flavour. 

Favours are a funny little thing. They are a bit of a take-it-or-leave-it wedding day item that some couples nail, and others simply choose to omit. There is no rule. However, if you’re planning to treat your 100+ guests to special somethin’ somethin’ as a token of your appreciation – be mindful of the extra expense. We love the idea of take-home favours, or guest thank-you’s that double as place settings. Personalised, multi-purpose and sitting pretty within your styling – cha-ching! If time allows, get your creative juices flowing and consider DIY-ing something such as a home-cooked jam complete with customised labels, or hand-written notes on pretty paper, these are always a winner.


Penny-pinching parties.

Bridal showers and bucks parties are bigger than ever, but along with these epic celebrations, come costs. Sure, flying to an exotic location and sipping on cocktails in the sun could be the stuff of bridal dreams, but have you thought about airfares, hotel rooms, new outfits etc? Not to mention the budget burden this can place on your nearest and dearest. We certainly not saying that you should forego a fancy fiesta however bear in mind the dollars and ensure you plan appropriately.


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Twas the night before…

There’s a high chance you won’t be getting ready in your humble home the day before your wedding, and nor will you be staying there the night of. So where are you staying? Booking accommodation is yet another money miser, so add it to your list. Also be sure to double check the times you can check in and out, as it may mean you have to book additional nights so you can ensure you have full day use of the room- particularly if you expect to be getting ready from early in the AM.


It ain’t over til it’s over!

You’re on the dance-floor and want to boogie ’til dawn, but before getting too excited, remember your band or DJ, photographer and videographer are only booked for a certain amount of time. So should you celebrations run a little longer than expected, you can also expect for them to charge for their time. Be aware of any overtime costs that are involved in having your suppliers stay longer (this includes the venue itself!), so you’re not faced with a hefty money headache following the big day.


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