Planning Your Photogenic Wedding with a Landscape Touch – SvenStudios
Planning Your Photogenic Wedding with a Landscape Touch – SvenStudios
Planning Your Photogenic Wedding with a Landscape Touch – SvenStudios
Planning Your Photogenic Wedding with a Landscape Touch – SvenStudios

Planning Your Photogenic Wedding with a Landscape Touch – SvenStudios

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Tips for Couples: Planning Your Photogenic Wedding with a Landscape Touch.


Wedding photos are a chance to capture precious memories, but they can be so much more. Landscape photography, for example, opens up a world of creative possibilities. Rather than cookie-cutter posed portraits, a landscape photoshoot can give a chance for couples to break from tradition and do something unique and adventurous!

As a wedding backdrop, these landscapes become a part of your story, adding depth and drama to each moment. Rugged natural settings contrast beautifully with bridal portraits and wedding party photos. Meanwhile, pastoral landscapes can evoke a timeless, romantic feel. Settings like these can add an element of awe and wonder to your wedding album.

So, let your photographer harness the full scope of natural beauty and make your wedding photos tell a compelling visual love story!


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Choosing the right landscape setting for your wedding photos.  


Having the perfect landscape to showcase your love story is key for a photogenic wedding. Here are a few factors to consider:

Lighting: The sun’s position can transform a good photo into a great one. Take advantage of the golden hour. A sunrise or sunset backdrop adds warmth and romance.

Accessibility: A beach might be beautiful, but can you walk on the sand in your dress or high heels? Don’t let it get you down, just make sure your dream spot is reachable, and perhaps bring some flats along too!

Significance: Choose a place that means something to you both. Maybe it’s where you first met or a dream destination you’ve always wanted to visit.


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For researching and visiting potential locations:

– Start with a simple online search for inspiration. You can look at other couple’s wedding photos for ideas.

– Visit the locations beforehand, and at the time you’re planning on visiting. Photos and reality can differ, so seeing the place in person is best.

– Talk to locals or your photographer for hidden gems. Sometimes, the best spots aren’t the most popular ones.

– If planning on visiting a beach, make sure to check tidal times, and of course the weather forecast.


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Lastly, for incorporating the landscape theme into your overall aesthetic:

– Your wedding theme and location should complement each other. For example, a rustic barn pairs well with a countryside setting, while a beach wedding calls for a more tropical or nautical theme.

– Use elements from the landscape in your decor. For example, if you’re in a forest, incorporate greenery and wood into your decorations.

Let the landscape inspire your colour scheme! A mountain setting might inspire earthy tones, while a beach setting could lead to blues and sandy hues.


Image: SvenStudios


Working with your photographer for the perfect shot. 


Getting the perfect wedding photos is a team effort. It requires planning and a photographer who knows what they’re doing. Here’s how to collaborate for photographic success:

– Select a photographer skilled in landscapes and weddings – it’s a rare blend! Review their portfolio for variety and artistry.

– Share inspirational images with poses you love. Brainstorm creative ideas together on location.

– Discuss optimal timing to utilise lighting. Your photographer can advise on the best time of day for the ideal lighting.

– Allow extra time for travel to far-flung spots. Landscape photography might require some patience, but the results are worth it!

Besides choosing a skilled photographer with an affinity for landscape photography, having a rapport with them is also a vital aspect of having a successful photoshoot.


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Creative ideas for landscape wedding photography.   


Capturing those unique landscape wedding photos can tell a powerful visual narrative. For unique backdrops, look beyond the typical venue. For example, mountain ridges with an epic vista make a dramatic impression, while oceanside cliffs capture the power of nature. On the other hand, a forest trail adds organic intimacy.

Let nature tell your story too! Incorporate natural elements and optimal lighting to accentuate your surroundings. You can frame portraits with the gnarled branches of an oak tree, catch a romantic sunset silhouette with your partner or use the golden glow during sunrise or sunset for styled bridal party shots.

You can further complement your location with themed attire and props. For example, a bride in vintage lace fits perfectly in an English floral garden, while a flowing boho dress pops against the red rock of the desert. You can also go classic with an umbrella on a rainy backdrop.


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Bonus: Bridal photoshoot session.   


Here are additional tips to help you ensure a successful shoot:

Schedule a separate landscape photo session for bridal portraits for flexibility and adventure. Head to those spots that might be too far for your big event.

Bring warm layers if shooting early or late. A stylish jacket keeps you comfortable and chic.

Consider professional hair and makeup to get the look you want for the photoshoot.

With these tips, you can maximise your sessions and create timeless photos you will cherish for a lifetime!


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Key Takeaway.


Choosing a landscape-focused approach for your wedding photos adds an extraordinary layer of beauty and artistry to your special day. You can create timeless wedding images by incorporating scenic backdrops and an artistic eye.

Moreover, work hand-in-hand with a photographer experienced in both landscape and wedding work. With creativity and the right partnerships, you can craft an adventurous wedding photo experience.


If you’re in search of a photographer who can craft timeless wedding photos featuring breathtaking landscapes, look no further than SvenStudios. With a wealth of experience spanning over 17 years and having beautifully captured 400 weddings, SvenStudios is committed to turning heartfelt moments into enduring photographic memories. Their laid-back approach ensures that authentic love story moments take center stage, creating images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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