Real Engagement – Estelle & Joe, Melbourne VIC

Real Engagement – Estelle & Joe, Melbourne VIC



Tasmanian couple Estelle and Joe are heading back to Victoria to celebrate their marriage at the incredible Lorne Beach Pavilion along the Great Ocean Road. Before they did, their photographer, Anne of White Shutter Photography suggested an engagement shoot. What resulted is a beautiful shoot in the golden light that provides stunning memories of such a special time in their engaged lives.


In Estelle’s words…

The meeting.

Joe and I met through work friends when we were only teenagers! We were friends for a few years before realising we were kidding ourselves and got our act together!

The one.

Joe told me from the start that he knew that this was it. I think I’d always known that what we had was pretty special, but when he spent Saturday nights taking care of me when I wasn’t well, I definitely knew. He missed so much and it was a pretty awesome thing to do for someone. Even after so many years together, he still shows me every day why he is the one I want to spend my life with. He is the most incredibly kind hearted, selfless, grounding person, and I honestly can’t believe that I’ve been so lucky. Also, my entire family loves him, which gave him some extra points!

The proposal.

We had been travelling for a few weeks in Canada and the US, and had a few days in Hawaii at the end of our trip. Joe had carried my Grandma’s ring with us the entire time, hiding it in his luggage! Hawaii has been close to our hearts since we first visited a few years ago, and we were spending the day road tripping around Oahu. Joey proposed at one of our favourite spots, on a secluded beach on the North Shore of the island. It was low key, relaxed and oh so special. We finished the day with a Mexican feast at sunset. It was the perfect end to our holiday, and the best day of my life.

Engagement shoot.

Anne suggested an engagement shoot as a way for us to get to know her, and to be able to relax in front of the camera before the wedding day. We were so glad that we did it, as we were both nervous, and she was able to make us feel at ease with the process and now we have so many gorgeous photos!

We adored receiving the photos! Anne is incredible and blew us away with how she was able to capture the love and excitement that we felt in the moment. We are beyond excited to have her with us on our wedding day and to have her capture the day for us to look back on over our lifetime!

Wedding planning.

Everything seems to be coming together quite easily. We didn’t really start out with any set ideas of how we wanted the day to look which I think has allowed things to develop naturally. A few things have been a bit tricky to organise from Tassie, but we’re working with so many wonderful people that have helped immensely, and we’ve had a few trips over which makes it all fun and exciting!

Meaning of marriage.

I think the significance of marriage has become increasingly apparent as our wedding day approaches. We didn’t think that a lot would change, but have found a whole new depth to our relationship since becoming engaged, and are excited in the anticipation of our impending marriage. We feel so lucky to have each other, and are so grateful for the opportunity to be able to formalise and celebrate our love and commitment to one another and become a family.

Planning surprises.

It has been such a wonderful surprise to see how excited everyone is! Not just friends and family, but the vendors and professionals we’re working with are genuinely excited with us, and have truly exceeded any expectations we had going into the planning process.



Photography: White Shutter Photography

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