Real Engagement – Pip & Mitch, Lorne VIC
Real Engagement – Pip & Mitch, Lorne VIC
Real Engagement – Pip & Mitch, Lorne VIC
Real Engagement – Pip & Mitch, Lorne VIC

Real Engagement – Pip & Mitch, Lorne VIC


Taking a road trip down the Great Ocean Road, engaged couple, Pip and Mitch, met up with Tribe photo fave MB Captured for a stunning pre-wedding shoot.

Meeting at Erskine Falls and finishing up on the beach in Lorne for sunset, this shoot embodied the spirit of this adventurous couple who were not afraid to get their feet wet, climb and have fun together.

A love-filled afternoon, this Pip and Mitch have much to look forward to when it comes to married life.

The meeting.

We met back in 2010 when I was an intern radiographer at Warrnambool base hospital. I was friends with Sarah, Mitch’s housemate at the time, and she introduced us one night when I went around to pick Sarah up for work drinks. Mitch was suffering from “a few too many” the night before so it was a very brief encounter but I still thought he was very easy on the eye. The real spark came 2 months later when Sarah and I were at a local nightclub and bumped into Mitch and his mates, let’s just say the conversation this night was much more free flowing.

The ‘one’.

After a two-week holiday in Thailand just one year into our relationship. You learn a lot about each other when together 24/7. We knew we had so much in common, our love for adventure and fun which was evident the whole trip especially the full moon party; our love for discovering yummy new food, especially Thai. Mitch’s caring nature also shone through during a brief visit to the emergency department after I slipped backwards down some steps pool side at our resort. We have been together for six and a half years now and we couldn’t imagine our lives without each other.

The proposal.

It was two nights before Christmas when Mitch told me that he had organised my Christmas present for a night away. He told me what to pack and quickly because we left straight after work. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going or what we were doing. After a drive down the highway, we drove into the gorgeous Balgownie Estate Vineyard in the Yarra Valley. We wined and dined in their beautiful restaurant and I told Mitch that we’d have to go shopping when we got home because the Christmas present I got him now looked pathetic! After dinner, we returned to our room I opened the door to find our room had been showered in rose petals, there was champagne and chocolate coated strawberries. Mitch picked me up, sat me on the couch, reached underneath and pulled out a little white box and got down on one knee. I’d love to tell you what he said but I can’t remember because the tears and the sparkle from the amazing diamond ring blurred everything, but I did say YES! The proposal wasn’t over yet though. The next morning, we woke up very early and went hot air ballooning over the Yarra Valley which was the most amazing way to celebrate becoming engaged.

Engagement shoot.

We were actually fortunate enough to win the engagement shoot on Facebook after my gorgeous friend Elise who used MB Captured for her wedding, tagged me in the competition. We found out Valentine’s Day that we had won which was super special.

Monika from MB Captured had done previous shoots in Lorne and knew how beautiful Erskine falls is and even had time to have some photos done as the sun was setting on the beach in Lorne.

Favourite moment.

Mitch and I had never had professional photos taken before but it just felt so natural thanks to Mon. She gave us ideas on where to go and stand but never did we feel awkward or forced. This really shows through her amazing work.

Wedding planning.

We are lucky enough to have a wedding planner who is doing all the hard work for us in Thailand. We visited Koh Samui for my birthday this year where we met up with our wedding planner, photographer, visited our villa, I had a hair and makeup trial the day of my birthday and we had the food and cocktail tasting. This week-long holiday really eased our nerves and any concerns we had regarding a destination wedding. We cannot wait now for 2 March 2018.

Meaning of marriage.

Having a best friend to experience all that life brings together. It is knowing that we both have similar hopes and dreams for the future and our relationship is built on trust, loyalty, love and honesty. We both hope to follow in our parent’s footsteps of a long healthy and happy marriage until death do us part.



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