Real Engagement – Rachel & Amante, VIC
Real Engagement – Rachel & Amante, VIC
Real Engagement – Rachel & Amante, VIC
Real Engagement – Rachel & Amante, VIC

Real Engagement – Rachel & Amante, VIC


A photo shoot was the perfect way for Rachel and Amante to celebrate their engagement and develop a rapport with their wedding photographer. After searching for the perfect venue, the soon to be bride and groom travelled from Sydney to have their photos snapped at Werribee Mansion and the stunning Potting Shed of Tribe talent, Olive Green Plant and Prop Hire

Olive Green sure know how to bring the goods when it comes to greenery for your event – and this shoot is no exception. Luxe leaves that bring life to the party is where it’s at, and styling using their natural and vibrant plants is fast-becoming a real crowd pleaser.

As a result of their travels, Rachel and Amante have lasting memories of this magical occasion, all thanks to photo pro, Thomas Stewart.

The meeting.

Amante and I met through a mutual friend in May 2016. One night I was studying at the local Starbucks when Amante and our friend walked in, we were introduced, and a few hours later I received a friend request on Facebook. A week later we met up again in Starbucks and chatted until the store closed. I guess you can say it all started from there.

The one.

I knew on the day I went to the Emergency Department to keep Amante company in the waiting area after he had acquired a knee injury at a rugby league game earlier that day. I thought to myself, “why on earth am I doing this? I don’t need to go and hold his hand while he waits to get a band-aid put on his knee!?” But I went and sat there for hours with him while we waited and it dawned on both of us then that we must be the one for each other. I went on to tease him for the duration of time we waited that he had just sprained it and surely coming to the Emergency Department was a bit much, I told him to “just throw some ice on it and you’re good to go!” Turns out he tore his ACL and needed a full knee reconstruction three weeks later! The night following the operation I went to visit him and in his drugged-up state he told me he loved me and the rest is history.

The proposal.

On our day off from work, Amante took me for a drive down to the Southern Highlands were he planned for us to have a nice lunch and visit local art galleries. Towards the late afternoon he took me to the Mount Gibralter lookout and, with teary eyes and shaky hands, asked me to marry him. After I said yes he tried to sing me a song that he learnt the night before on the guitar and then took me out to a restaurant for dinner.

What made you decide to do an engagement shoot?

We wanted to get to know our photographer, Thomas Stewart and build a rapport so that we might feel more comfortable on the wedding day. As well as this, we didn’t have an engagement party and so we wanted to make our shoot part of celebrating our engagement.

What location did you choose and why?

I have always liked the idea of having a shoot in a greenhouse, I made the suggestion to Thom and he also loved the idea, so I went on a mission to find the perfect greenhouse for our vision. We searched for months around Sydney and found not even one greenhouse. Then, a night the internet led me to some greenhouses in Melbourne, so soon after Amante and I went down for the weekend and visited a few locations and fell in love. We loved the grounds of Werribee Mansion as well as the homely, intimate and unique vibe of the Potting Shed. And so as soon as we got back I put the idea forward to Thom and he was just as keen to make it happen.

What was your favorite part of the engagement shoot?

We loved so much about our engagement shoot. We especially loved that our photographer was willing to come with us all the way to Melbourne not knowing what to expect, making the most of our time there and providing us with amazing photos that we will cherish forever. We also loved the hospitality and kindness shown by Katie from the Potting Shed, being so welcoming and supportive of our vision, allowing strangers to come into her home and enjoy the beautiful space she has created. We are so grateful for all her time and effort to make our time there special.

How has wedding planning been treating you in the lead up to your wedding?

Due to the time we have allowed to plan and what we consider good organization skills, the wedding planning has been almost stress-free so far. However time is moving very quickly and our list of things to do seems to be getting longer rather than shorter!

What does marriage mean to you both?

Marriage to us is entering a life-long commitment with each other that is set before God. It’s when two people love each other no matter what. You will do everything for that person, you will protect them, make them your priority and put their needs next to your own. It’s about comforting them, supporting them through the good times and the bad, doing the simple things, even just making your partner laugh, the type that makes your face squish up and your tummy hurt. It is about having the privilege of doing life with your best friend, lover and soul mate through all seasons.

What’s been the biggest surprise for you so far whilst planning your wedding?
One of the biggest surprises for us throughout the wedding planning process is how many things that we need to think about and consider. From the colour of the tie to the flavour of the cake and that they all need to be related to the theme of the wedding, the colour scheme and be within budget! You don’t realise how much is involved until you have to organise a wedding of your own!


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