Real Wedding – Erin & Adrian, Mount Macedon VIC
Real Wedding – Erin & Adrian, Mount Macedon VIC
Real Wedding – Erin & Adrian, Mount Macedon VIC
Real Wedding – Erin & Adrian, Mount Macedon VIC

Real Wedding – Erin & Adrian, Mount Macedon VIC


For Erin and Adrian, the beauty of Mount Macedon was an easy choice when looking for a backdrop to celebrate their wedding day.

Following their engagement, they set about pulling together a talented Tribe and allowed them to weave their magic and create a celebration that will definitely be remembered.

Fabulous florals and warm wintry tones, the bride was a natural beauty and stood out within their stunning setting.

Smith + Archer captured all the moments so be sure to scroll through this sensational day.

In Erin’s words…


The meeting.

Adrian and I agree to disagree on how we met. I remember meeting Adrian at the local pub when I was 18, through mutual friends. I distinctly remember saying ‘hello’ to him but got no response whatsoever! I walked off thinking he was incredibly arrogant.

Over the next few years that followed, I would walk with a friend every morning, and Adrian would drive past waving at us. My friend would wave back, making comment of just how lovely she thought he was! “Pfffft, yeah real lovely I thought to myself!”

It wasn’t until one afternoon at The Anglers, two years later that we finally crossed paths again. Adrian told me that he didn’t remember meeting me all those years ago, commenting that it was probably because I was so short! We spent the night chatting amongst friends, then he went in for the kill a few days later with a text! Such a charmer he was, his first text read, “what’s yellow and sits in the bottom of the ocean?” I replied with the obvious answer, sand.

Adrian’s response, a sunken tractor. He has always had a way with words, the romantic! I thought to myself “who is this guy,” but he had me intrigued, what else can we say, the rest is history!


The ‘one’.

I always knew we would be together forever. From an early stage we always spoke about and planned our future. Our first plan started when I was 23 and Age suggested we should travel around Australia for 12 months. We spent twelve months planning and saving and set off, it turned into a five year adventure.


The proposal.

Adrian and I had been together for nine years. I really didn’t think he would ever ask. We had bought a house that we were renovating which was keeping me very occupied at the time. On the 24th of June 2017 we went up to my parent’s holiday house at Goughs Bay for some R&R. We had taken our fur baby ‘Indy’ down to the point where you can only get to by 4WD – it’s this beautiful point that is surrounded by the lake. I was standing down at the water’s edge and turned around to ask Age what he was doing. His reply ‘just checking my tool boxes’ as he always did.  I rolled my eyes and continued throwing a stick into the water watching Indy swim. I saw Age’s shadow beside me and then it disappeared, as I turned around to say, “what are you doing?”, he was down on one knee with the ring I had chosen with one of my closest friends seven years ago. The jeweler had written the details down on a business card and my friend had kept the card for 7 years!  She messaged Age all those years ago saying when you are ready let me know, I have the details.


Planning process.

I had this thing where I wanted to be married by the time I was 30. Given that I had just turned 29 when we got engaged it only gave me 10 months to plan a wedding. I booked all the main vendors in quite early and went from there. The two weeks prior to the wedding was probably the busiest as it’s all the last-minute little things that take all that extra time and you don’t expect them to take so long.


Style inspiration.

I just wanted a really natural elegant vibe and wintry warm tones.


The outfit.

Rose, my dress maker, still can’t believe to this day I have never tried on a wedding gown. Being very short, I have always had issues with finding clothes that fit perfectly. Also, being very indecisive when given too many options is a nightmare for me. So, I decided to call Rose and have a meeting, she told me to pick 10 dresses I liked on the internet/magazines and bring them in. Rose and I sat there, and she flicked through the dresses and made two piles. At the end there were two dresses in her yes pile. My favorite dress was in that pile and I said there and then “this is the one!”


Favourite moment.

The whole day was just magical. I loved every minute from waking up and spending the morning with my bridesmaids and parents to walking me down the aisle, to having our portrait photos taken and of course the amazing party surrounded by the best company.


Meaning of marriage.

For us, marriage means entering into something amazing, with your best friend by your side. Sharing the good times and supporting each other through the tough times. It’s taking on life together, growing as individuals whilst still remaining as one. Always showing each other mutual respect and love. It’s a serious commitment. Entailing three very important things;

1 – Committing to a lifetime of old cars in the family that will never be ‘completely’ done up.

2 – Committing to a shed that will ALWAYS be full of motorbikes.

3 – Committing to a marriage that only happens to have one chef willing to cook dinner in their house!


Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle –You & Me – Lifehouse

Signing of the register- You Make Loving Fun– Fleetwood Mac

Recessional- Best Day of My Life – American Authors

First Dance- Hold My Hand– Hootie and the Blowfish

Father/ Daughter, Mother/Son Dance- Tiny Dance – Elton John


Funny stories (or near disasters).

Not for me, but for my Mum. My Mum is extremely organized and can be highly strung in stressful situations like a wedding (love you Mum). Apparently, she had been awake since two AM the morning of the wedding and couldn’t get back to sleep as she was concerned we hadn’t put the cheese towers in the fridge and wasn’t sure if Adrian had remembered to take all the boys suit pants off the coat hangers like she had told him earlier that day (no he didn’t take the pants off the hanger).

Also, a family friend of ours owns a race horse that was racing in South Australia on the day of our wedding, he didn’t want to tell us about it, but I had found out. I put the below in our speech;

‘John Elliman, I read a very interesting article at 11:30pm tonight on, your beloved filly Think Bleue raced at 3:56pm this afternoon in the Schweppes Oaks in South Australia.  The article read that you wouldn’t be at the race as you would be attending a family friend’s wedding. It also read that the deal is the wedding starts at 3:30 and the race starts at 3:56, so John will be sitting at the back of the ceremony and when the couple say ‘I do’, John will be at the back shouting ‘Think Bleue’.

After reading the article I messaged Mum telling her to put a bet on, my bridesmaids also had their husbands down the TAB early morning putting on a bet



Words of wisdom.

Enjoy every single moment as it goes by so fast. If something doesn’t work out just remember, you were the only one that knew it didn’t happen.

Don’t get to caught up in the materialistic things, enjoy the moment. You will probably never have all your loved ones in the same place all together again so make the most of it and just have the best time!



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Ceremony and reception venue: Mount Macedon Winery

Celebrant/Officiant: Sweet Wonderful You

Photography: Smith + Archer

Videography: LoveStory Films

Styling: Design Concept by TMC

Florist: Raven & the Rose

Hair: Ashlee Shearman hair artistry “ASHA”

Make Up: Glow Room

The Dress(es): Annette of Melbourne Couture

Veil / headwear: Annette of Melbourne

Shoes: Tony Bianco

Rings: Sol’s Diamonds

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Seed Heritage

Groomsmen’s suits: Black Tie Classic

Bow ties / ties: Country Road

Catering: Your Private Chef

Bar: Mount Macedon Winery

Cake: Janson Quality Cakes

Stationery / Signage: Etsy & Collier Office & Business Assist for invitations and a friend who is a sign writer did all our signage

Entertainment: Sarah Valentine singing solo for ceremony and Midnight Fox  for reception

Transport: We used our friends and families cars as the wedding party transport & Sunbury Coaches for our guests to get home.

Décor: Swans Lane Event Hire (Festoon Lights), Event Art (brass candle stick holders) & Design Concept by TMC

Hire: Kyneton Hire (Gas Heaters), Swans Lane Event Hire (Festoon lights & poles)



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