Real Wedding – Hiroshi & Sae, Zwevegem, Belgium
Real Wedding – Hiroshi & Sae, Zwevegem, Belgium
Real Wedding – Hiroshi & Sae, Zwevegem, Belgium
Real Wedding – Hiroshi & Sae, Zwevegem, Belgium

Real Wedding – Hiroshi & Sae, Zwevegem, Belgium

When they began planning their wedding, Hiroshi and Sae first dived into the experience they wished for the day, which was, quite simply, to ensure that their guests would have an incredible destination experience. Drawing on that ethos to inform every decision resulted in a wedding as effortlessly artful in styling as it is relaxed and sumptuous in experience.

Surrounded by an architectural design that combines minimalist lines and geometry with rustic earthbound textures, Sae’s choice of a chic, timeless gown by Lola Varma is truly inspired. Slicked-back hair and accessories from her own brand, Ao, coalesce to give elegance personified. And when she and Hiroshi catch sight of one another, the energy is electric, and their smiles echo from the frame.

It’s a true treat to view this stunning celebration through the lens of photographer extraordinaire Marie Thibault. Scroll on to witness every frame like its own piece of art.



The meeting.

It was in August 2019, at a mutual friend’s wedding.


The ‘one’.

We spent two years as friends, gradually realising that this person is my soulmate.


The proposal.

After dating for three months, he proposed to me during a camper van trip in the Shikoku region of Japan. I run a jewellery brand, and he collaborated with a designer to plan and create a unique engagement ring just for me.


Planning process.

Having lived in Belgium for only two years, we were determined to host a wedding and invite our families during that time. We began by searching for a venue, finding a dress, arranging decorations, hiring a photographer, and planning the catering—all done independently. We primarily utilised Instagram for our search.

First, we thought about what we wanted to express through this wedding – considering the venue, dresses, schedule, and meals. Our wedding theme was simply “Let our family coming from Japan have the most enjoyable time!” So, decisions were made in line with that theme, making the planning process smooth.

Our wedding was quite an uncommon casual style for Japan. Family members expressed joy, saying, “This is the first time we’ve seen such a wedding!” It truly was an unforgettable and indescribably wonderful celebration.

And I am grateful to Hiroshi for making this wedding come true together.


Style inspiration. 

We aimed for an intimate and casual atmosphere, wanting it to feel stylish without being overly crafted.


The ceremony.

We had a very casual ceremony, with just chairs set up in the garden of the hotel venue. At the end, we each read letters to one another.


The outfit. 

I wanted a unique dress, so I explored various brands and searched extensively. While visiting the dress shop The Ivory Club in Antwerp, my husband and the staff suggested a dress, and when I tried it on, it was love at first sight!


Favourite moments.

Seeing the joyful and happy faces of my family during the wedding party.


Meaning of marriage.

To me, marriage means building a special bond where we understand and support each other, grow together, and share the joys and challenges of life.


Wedding soundtrack.

Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley


Funny stories or near disasters.

During the ceremony, as he was reading a letter to me, an intense downpour made it nearly impossible to continue the proceedings, leading to a temporary interruption.


Planning surprises.

Planning a wedding in Japan often involves entrusting everything to a planner, so doing it all myself was challenging. However, I believe that by handling everything personally, I was able to create a wedding that truly satisfied me.


Words of wisdom.

Act as early as possible in your wedding planning!



Love the stunning backdrop of Hiroshi and Sae’s artful celebration? Perhaps consider incorporating landscape photography into your dream day brief. For a full explainer and our insider tips and advice, read on here.




We found many of our vendors through Pinterest and Instagram, and blogs like Anti-Bride and the Bridal Journey.

First, l started by finding the venue. I came across this article while searching for a place with a homey atmosphere in a rural town, where my family visiting from Japan could stay overnight. The staff was very cooperative, even preparing breakfast for us.

Next, I found the dress, catering, and photographer on Instagram.

Eventually, I discovered a lovely dress and achieved a satisfying style. I adorned myself with jewellery from my own brand, Ao. I layered ear cuffs for an elegant touch around my ears, while my hands were adorned with a wedding ring, engagement ring, and a fashionable ring.

I entrusted my best friends with hair and makeup and paper items, too. For flowers, I relied on a florist I always used.

The food and service were outstanding, making my family very happy.

We got plenty of tasteful photos by Marie Thibault, creating unforgettable memories.

Simply conveying my ideas, they delivered everything just as I imagined. I’m truly grateful to everyone involved in making our special day so wonderful.

Ceremony & reception venue: B&B De Deugdzonde

Photography: Marie Thibault 

Florist: Versus

The dress: Lola Varma at The Ivory Club (dress shop)

Shoes: Balenciaga

Rings: Ao

Catering: Biez Traiteur & Fooding

Stationery / Signage: Chiara Daez Capony

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