Real Wedding – Jamie & Jake, Warrenheip VIC
Real Wedding – Jamie & Jake, Warrenheip VIC
Real Wedding – Jamie & Jake, Warrenheip VIC
Real Wedding – Jamie & Jake, Warrenheip VIC

Real Wedding – Jamie & Jake, Warrenheip VIC


Where do we even begin with this sensational celebration of love! Jamie and Jake always knew what type of wedding they wanted, a day that was as grand and fabulous as they are, with a glamorous garden party vibe.

Their custom outfits were show-stopping, cropped suit jackets embellished with stunning sequins and pearl detailing, paired perfectly with a bold monochromatic look.

Bucking any form of tradition, they had their mum’s walk them into their ceremony before coming together in front of their favourite people and taking to the aisle side by side. It set the tone for a a ceremony that came with all the feels,  focusing on vows that were real, full of love and summed up their 12 years of life together and the many funny stories and annoying habits they share.

Their guests feasted on sumptuous food and the drinks flowed before it was time to officially party – and party they did. Jamie and Jake’s dazzling dance floor was packed until the very end, filled with celebration and love, with Pretty Flamingo Photography capturing the day in all its glory.


The meeting.

We met in late 2009 via Facebook after a mutual friend told Jamie to message Jake. Jake was at the end of year 11 and Jamie had just finished his last year 12 exam.

The ‘one’.
From the very beginning we were inseparable, and our relationship always went from strength to strength. We both just had everything in common and the things we didn’t know we loved, we both soon learned to! We were together almost 12 years before we wed so there were many challenges we experienced together that we overcame and I think those were the moments we both knew we were with “the one”.

The proposal.

We had just moved to Melbourne in 2013 and were laying on the bed on a hot summer’s afternoon just loving life and in that poignant moment, Jake asked Jamie if he wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, and he said ‘Yes, definitely’.

Planning process.

We started planning our wedding mid 2020 (in lockdown), really unsure of what the world would look like by January 2022 but I always knew (as corny as it sounds) we would have the most perfect day without restrictions or needing to reschedule because my husband is the most wonderful human in the world and his good karma wasn’t going to let us down and that was the date he picked.

From the beginning of our planning process I always knew we wanted a magical ceremony and then a party to never forget. We picked the most important things that were important to us and made sure they were simple but perfect. Those were the vows, our incredible arbour covered in bright vibrant colours, custom-made suits, food, alcohol and music. We locked in the date and venue 18 months prior to the big day. Over the next few months, we booked things here and there. This process was fairly seamless. We locked in the chefs, designed the menu and at the same time booked our florist, hair and make up, photographer, videographer and Twilight Glamping for our marquee and furniture. Once it got to two months before the wedding, that’s where the stress came in. Since we were holding the wedding on a private property, there was so much to organize compared to having the wedding at a venue. Eg: cutlery, napkins, porta-loos, fridges etc. We knew we wanted a blank canvas venue to work with where we had no restrictions and limits so we could have exactly what we dreamed of.

We found many of our suppliers through Instagram, it was so easy finding everything we wanted and needed with the power of instagram! I learned a lot of tricks and tips through Ivory Tribe for the planning process and I also have the Ivory Tribe wedding planning book “Wedding Plans” which was such a help!

Style inspiration.

We wanted our wedding to look grand and fabulous – just like us. Lucky Warrenheip Villa is just that – a stunning property with a gorgeous English style garden with large 100 year old established oak trees and an empty grassed area to put a marquee. We have high standards within ourselves, and our wedding was no exception. We knew we wanted an English garden vibe, so an outdoor wedding was the obvious choice. We both spent many hours on Pinterest finding inspiration for everything from flowers and furniture to our wedding suits.

The ceremony.

We knew we wanted no mention of religion or Jesus/God in our ceremony. We wanted it to be simple with only the necessary legal requirements mentioned and our vows to each other to be the focus. Our mum’s walked us down the aisle and our dad’s were the ring bearers. We had our groomsmaids pair up and walk the aisle together and then our nieces and nephews afterwards, just before we came down the aisle.

The outfits.

We had silk, high waisted black pants, a crisp white shirt and then a cropped suit jacket that were embellished with sequins and pearls. We knew we wouldn’t find what we wanted in a store so having our good friend and costume designer, Tamara Keane, was the obvious choice to create our vision. She created both our garments plus all 9 bridesmaids dresses also – she did a phenomenal job! Since there was no ‘bride in white’, we knew we wanted our bridesmaids in ivory and to look as glamorous as us.

Favourite moment.

Jake: Mine would have to be getting to dance with all our closest family and friends after the formalities of the day.

Jamie: Loved the ceremony and the dance party afterwards.

After almost 12 years of being together and having such amazing and supporting family and friends it was just magical committing to each other in front of all our most cherished humans.

Meaning of marriage.

The union of two people who love each other unconditionally. To be each other’s biggest supporter, best friend and lover, always and forever – till death do us part and beyond.

Wedding soundtrack.

Groomsmaids aisle song: Rain On Me by Vitamin String Quartet

Jamie and Jake aisle song: Fire On Fire by Sam Smith

Recessional: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship

Walking into reception: Do It To It by Acraze (we did the tik tok dance)

First dance: Imagine (Acoustic) by Ben Platt – although we actually didn’t do a first dance. Our coordinator came to us and mentioned it was time, but we had zero intention of stopping the party to do this. We also did not cut or eat the cake until 2AM!

Planning surprises.

It was crazy seeing how we spent 18 months organizing the day via emails and phone calls for it all just to come together in the matter of hours and flow perfectly.

Words of wisdom.

I found the more organized I was, the more we could enjoy the process and get excited about our big day.

Jamie kindly shared his vows with us that he said to Jake, heartfelt and funny, we know Jake and their guests would have loved them.

Today, I get to marry the most beautiful human who has the kindest heart. When we first met, I remember instantly feeling like—for the first time—I had a place in the world. I love how I feel being with you and how being a part of your life has made me become the person I am today. The first time we met as kids was the first time I felt like being gay was okay; you were so genuine and unfazed by people’s thoughts and opinions, which made me feel confident in who we were as a couple and gave me the courage to be myself. Your family welcomed me as one of their own, gladly accepting me for who I am. The only other people that ever made me feel something similar to that are these girls, who were there then and are still standing beside me today.

We have everything in common, and even the things I didn’t know I loved, I soon learned to. Being with you is just so easy. We both love being clean and organized; we both love to cook and do laundry; and we both hate doing anything that involves getting dirty. My favorite part of each day is the little tap on my head or the high-pitched noise you make to get my attention—the way you’re constantly filming me on Snap Chat, then laughing about the gorgeous angle you got of me. Best of all, is how every single time I duck away to shower for some me time, you decide you need to come find me and have a poo. This happens daily, and even though I tell you to eff off (also daily), you just give me that cheeky smile and do it anyway, and that’s how I know we’re so in love. We are always having so much fun making up sounds and catch phrases that are forever evolving as we continue to flourish as a couple—and now, as husbands. I hope we never grow up – our bond over Disney and lady Gaga remains strong and life is always this crazy.

I want to thank you for always being accepting of my ways—particularly of my occasional cigarette when drinking, and for affectionately referring to me as “ciggy butt brain”. The only promise I need from you today is that you’ll be more discreet when you fart.

We already have such an amazing story to tell, and I can’t wait to create more. We have so many achievements to be proud of, but my biggest achievement is getting to marry you today, and I do that with pride and a full heart.

I offer you everything, for without you I am nothing I promise to look after you, and up to you
To hold you tight but not hold you back
To stand by your side, as you stand by mine,

For all of eternity

And so:
I vow to always love you, no matter what.
I vow to always give you your good morning kiss and hold your hand at night until you fall asleep. I vow to continue to adore you every day, despite your rampant shopping addiction.
I vow that I will never stop singing with you in the car or laughing at cat videos.
And I vow to be the great husband you so deserve, and your biggest supporter, always.





Ceremony and reception location: Warrenheip Villa

Celebrant/Officiant: Kellie Dunn

Photography: Pretty Flamingo Photography

Videography: Edwina Warde

Styling: Twilight Glamping

Florist: Gardenia Magnifica

Hair: Madi from Studio Canvas + Taylor from Studio Canvas

Make Up: Holly from Studio Canvas + Mesina from Raw Beauty by Mesina

Shoes: Aquila

Rings: Gems & Jewels

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Tamara Keane

Costumes Suits: Tamara Keane Costumes

Bow ties / ties: Tamara Keane

Catering: Andy Gale + Nicole Edwards

Bar: Johnny Alloo

Cake / Cake topper: Our family friend made our cake. We wanted a small white cake just to say we had one and for something to cut – we knew no one was going to eat it and as there was dessert, we didn’t cut it or eat it until the very end of the night.

Stationery / Signage: Print Revolution for signage and invitations and State of Elliot for our wishing well.

Entertainment: DJ

Transport: Mercedes and Range Rover Ballarat

Hire: Paddock Dreams – bathrooms

Honeymoon: Airlie Beach – Coral Sea Resort Other:

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