Real Wedding – Julian & Sabine, Casuarina NSW
Real Wedding – Julian & Sabine, Casuarina NSW
Real Wedding – Julian & Sabine, Casuarina NSW
Real Wedding – Julian & Sabine, Casuarina NSW

Real Wedding – Julian & Sabine, Casuarina NSW


Bringing their wedding day forward and with only fourteen days to plan, Julian and Sabine are a perfectly on-point example of how Covid constraints need not restrict style or feeling. Leaning into their vision of rustic romance and infusing it with fresh modern moments made for a true contemporary fairytale.

Julian and Sabine didn’t get the pressure of planning in such a short timeframe overwhelm them, instead choosing to focus on the important moments and let the tiny details fade into the background. The result was a dream of a day in a gentle palette of vanilla, caramel and muted rose, against earthy natural textures and softly luxe linens.

Sabine’s gown, an ethereal creation by Oh Hello Bride, was pure modern romance in a striking silhouette, wrapped with tulle and lace.

Check out all the intimate, incredible moments through the artful lens of photographers Pixel Punk.


The meeting.

We met in 2018 when Julian flew down from the Gold Coast with a few friends to attend a Christian conference. A couple of days before it started, Julian and his friends came to a cafe Sabine was working at, because his friends knew her through church.

When Julian came up to the cash register to order, the first thing he thought was “wow she’s attractive, but she looks like one of those stuck-up kind of girls”. The first thing Sabine thought as she took his order was “He’s so shy and quiet, I don’t think I want to get to know him.” For the whole conference, we avoided one another and didn’t have a single conversation. Was a bit of a rough start!


The ’one’.

Fast forward to 2020, we had become friends, liked each other for a couple of months, then Julian was put in the friend zone and ignored, all in the space of a year and a half.

At the beginning of 2020, Sabine felt like God had told her that despite rejecting him six months earlier, Julian was “the one” for her. Thank goodness he hadn’t picked up on her rejection, so still thought he had a chance. After a few months of letting feelings develop again, Sabine invited Julian down to Sydney for a coffee and by their second date, she told him straight up they were destined for one another and he had no choice but to marry her.


The proposal.

It was a quick decision that was made only two days beforehand as Julian had to head back to NSW while Sabine stayed in QLD because of the borders closing. Although planned for later that month, it was brought forward because they weren’t sure when they would see each other again.

Julian quickly locked down a photographer, bought Sabine a nice dress, took her out for breakfast at Burleigh for her favourite meal of the day, then booked her in for a facial, followed by a swim in the ocean and then left her to get ready and put on her new outfit! Before dinner, just as the sun was setting, he set up a little picnic to spend some time enjoying a beautiful view of the Gold Coast from Currumbin Beach – where he got the knee dirty with sand before heading out to dinner to celebrate!


Planning process.

Honestly, the process was a whirlwind! Two weeks before we got married Sabine called April (planner from Forever a Moment) and asked if the wedding could be brought forward and planned all within the space of 14 days. Having already had some ideas of what the day would look like, April went straight to work and made it all happen so effortlessly.

In the lead-up, each day was FULL of things to do and decide on, but because we were on a time schedule it made the decision-making process very quick and straightforward. We didn’t have the chance to think about things, we just had to get them locked in! As much as it was stressful, it was so exciting and fun trying to pull everything and everyone together so last minute. We focused on the most important things instead of stressing about the little details that don’t even matter.


Style inspiration.

Rustic, barn-style, candle-lit romance.


The outfit.

My dress was not at all what I expected I would wear. The bodice was a tight-fitting corset with incredible detailing and the skirt was layers of off-white tulle fabric. I thought I’d wear a silky, simple white dress but when I went into the store it was actually the first dress I loved. It happened to be the very last dress I tried on and when I came out, I just knew it was my favourite. My mum was with me and she said that it “wasn’t a normal wedding dress, it was unique and different” and that’s why she thought I should get it. I felt beautiful in it and like it reflected all the different parts of my personality!


Favourite moment.

After I walked down the aisle and saw how emotional Julian was. I loved the moment when he took my hands and looked into my eyes. We didn’t say anything to each other, we just smiled and squeezed each other’s hands. I didn’t need him to tell me, I just knew how much he loved me.


Meaning of marriage.

For us, it’s about creating a union between one another and God. We believe that ‘two become one’ when they get married, not only for the sake of practicalities, but spiritually we become one with each other and God. Marriage means partnership and teamwork, so that we can work together for the rest of our lives to help one another fulfil the purpose God has given us as individuals but also accomplish what He has destined for us as a couple.


Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: The Blessing by Elevation worship

Reception: Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder

First dance: Known by Tauren Wells


Funny stories (or near disasters).

On the day of my wedding, the keys got locked inside the car which had my second outfit for the reception (including shoes) and all my makeup for any post-ceremony touch-ups. The car wouldn’t open with the keys inside, so a locksmith had to be called to come and break into the car between the ceremony and reception so that we could get the outfit out before the reception started! Thankfully I didn’t know this was happening because my Aunt and Uncle were managing this, but they were pretty stressed during the whole ceremony as they were trying to find a locksmith in the area who was available immediately!!


Planning surprises.

I think how much planning there is to do. I underestimated how complex it is to plan a wedding big time. With so many moving parts and different elements of the day, there were lots of decisions to be made and planning to be done. Thankfully my planner was so on top of all of this!


Words of wisdom.

Try and have a few moments during the day where it’s just you two. Even if you can sneak away for one minute. Take a breath, look at each other and say, “we just got married!” It’s such an exciting and sweet thing to do together to soak up the day.

Also, don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on the people you love being there and marrying the person you love the most. All the other stuff doesn’t matter nearly as much. Make the main thing, the main thing – you two!



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Ceremony and reception location: Osteria Casuarina

Officiant: Pastor Grant Hoyle

Photography: Pixel Punk

Styling: Forever A Moment Events

Florist: Wonderful Bunch

Hair and makeup: Bride’s cousin

The gown: Oh Hello Bride

Cake: Groom’s sister made cup cakes

Stationery / Signage: Cara Maree Designs

Entertainment: Martini Band Brisbane by Chic Brisbane Events

Transport: Own Cars

Décor: Hired from Avideas

Honeymoon: Byron Bay

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