Real Wedding – Kira & Tomas, Flowerdale VIC  
Real Wedding – Kira & Tomas, Flowerdale VIC  
Real Wedding – Kira & Tomas, Flowerdale VIC  
Real Wedding – Kira & Tomas, Flowerdale VIC  

Real Wedding – Kira & Tomas, Flowerdale VIC  

Kira and Tom’s wedding was pure country class, a captivating blend of laid-back fun and stunningly effortless style. Choosing to elevate and uplift rather than overpower the existing beauty of their venue, Flowerdale Estate, made for a look that was seamless and organic but still perfectly on-point.

Tribe favourite, The Redwood Florist, created aesthetic harmony with a palette of peaches, soft blush and accents of muted cornflower blue in truly artful arrangements. The overall effect was pure ethereal elegance and understated romance, perfect for a dreamily rainy day.

The rain had an impact, causing the ceremony by celebrant superstar Sweet Wonderful You to be moved inside – but the effect was one of pure fun, evident by the blissed-up smiles from everyone involved. It’s a good reminder that unplanned and uncontrollable variables can sometimes create the sweetest moments and memories.

We love the golden hour portrait session, captured in exquisite light-filled frames by Single Soul Photography. The relaxed, loved-up joy between Kira and Tom and the stunning backdrop surrounding them make for the perfect coalescence of love and picture-perfect beauty.

The meeting.

The old swipe right on Bumble back in 2018! I was actually on Bumble to meet friends, and when I was bored, I went to the dating side. I matched with Tom but didn’t realise it because I didn’t have notifications on. I saw that I’d matched with Tom and only had ten minutes left to message him. I re-looked at his profile, saw he was handsome and thought, why not? I sent ‘HOLA’, and the rest is history.


The ‘one’.

Tomas is the most caring, giving and generous person. We always have fun together, and at the end of every day and the start of the next one, all I want to do is see and talk to him. We knew pretty early on that it was a forever thing.


The proposal.

Tom had organised a dinner at our friend’s house in Mt Macedon. He claimed it was for a Christmas catch-up. I had worked a long day, and it wasn’t looking like I’d get home until around 7 pm. I called Tom to tell him this, and he was insistent that I come, that it would be fine, and to just take my time. He told me to get changed when I got home so I felt fresh; I didn’t want to get changed and just wanted to leave straight away (I was wearing denim overalls and runners). Tom kept bringing up how I should change. We compromised, and I kept the overalls but put boots on.

On the way to Mt Macedon, Tom was super quiet, which I took as him being cranky about running late. I seriously had no clue as to what was going to happen. We arrived at the house, and Tom told me his mates had put fairy lights in the arbour of his garden (I’d made a comment once about how it reminds me of a fairy garden, and I would have loved to read and play there as a child with fairy lights). Tom wanted to show me the lights, and classic me didn’t really want a bar of it and said, ‘Tom, it’s still light out; let’s just look after dinner.’ Again, he was insistent we go and look right that second, so off we go down the property to look at these lights, and I’m standing there saying, yes, it looks really nice, really pretty (I somehow didn’t notice the rose petals scattered on the floor or the bunch of flowers on the table) then Tom grabbed me, and suddenly it hit me what was happening – he started saying his speech which honestly I don’t even remember, I just froze. Then, as soon as he got down on one knee and asked the question, the first thing I said was, ‘What the?!” followed by tears and YES!


Planning process.

I found planning the wedding such a fun thing to do! I went into it with a really relaxed attitude, which I think definitely helped me when making decisions. I never wanted it to be stressful because I really wanted to soak it all in and enjoy every aspect!


Style inspiration. 

Both Tom and I love the country and the relaxed vibe of a country backyard, so we really wanted that to be the inspiration for our wedding, relaxed and fun.


The ceremony.

Our ceremony was so much fun and relaxed. We had rain during the ceremony and had to pause midway to relocate indoors, and it was a mad dash of umbrellas, flowers, and laughs!


The look. 

As soon as we got engaged, I knew I wanted a dress with sleeves but also ones that could be removed for a different look after the ceremony. I also did my ‘something blue’ as my shoes!

Tom did a tux because when else do you get the chance to wear a tux!


Favourite moments.

If I had to pick just one moment, it would be the moment I turned the corner to walk down the aisle with my dad and saw Tom for the first time. That feeling was honestly indescribable.


Meaning of marriage.

Supporting each other through anything. Having someone to come home to and vent or laugh or cry about anything and everything. Loving each other fully.


Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: Simply The Best by Tina Turner (acoustic)

Reception entry: Levels by Avicii

First dance: Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs


Funny stories or near disasters.

Unfortunately our entertainment supplier, Andrew, was unwell on the day. Thankfully by the time he messaged to let us know, he had already arranged replacements, so we weren’t left without music. We are very grateful to him for organising it all and grateful to the musicians who took his place!


Planning surprises.

It’s not necessarily a surprise, but there are so many vendors and suppliers out there for weddings. I knew there was a lot, but I didn’t realise just how many until I was in that world and looking!


Words of wisdom.

Enjoy it all! The planning, the shopping, the things that don’t go quite right. Nothing is ever going to be exactly as you plan it, but roll with the punches and don’t let it stress you out! It’s the best day and night of your life; soak it all in!





Kira’s bridesmaids looked stunning in their sage Bec + Bridge gowns. But we know it can be tricky to begin piecing together the look for your squad, so to help you out, we’ve got the lowdown on some of our favourite bridesmaid brands here on the blog.




Social media & Pinterest were my best friends when it came to finding the suppliers I used.

I would find a post of a real wedding and click on the tagged vendors and suppliers. I went with gut feelings when it came to selecting the suppliers. Everyone I selected was so easy-going and down to earth, which is exactly how I wanted the wedding day to feel, so I knew I needed suppliers who radiated that as well. I would pick them all again!

Ceremony & reception venue: Flowerdale Estate. Our favourite venue, we only viewed this venue and knew instantly it was the place!

Celebrant: Erin from Sweet Wonderful You. Erin is everything we could have wanted and more for a celebrant.

Photography & videography: Single Soul Photography. Single Soul were great and really relaxed when it came to photos and videos, which made it the best because photos can be the worst part!

Styling: Me

Florist: Lou from The Redwood Florist. Lou was the best; she was so relaxed and nailed the brief for flowers even better than I could have imagined!

Hair: Emily Tavlian Hairstylist. Emily perfected mine and my bridesmaid’s hair, and it didn’t move, even after all the dancing! She was so relaxed and easygoing.

Make-up: Renee Galati MUA. Renee is the MVP of makeup. So fun and easygoing, perfect makeup that didn’t budge!

The dress: Eva Lendel via The Bridal Curator. Sam from the bridal curator was so welcoming when it came to selecting and trying on dresses!

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Bec & Bridge

Suits: & bow ties: Dyonsu

Cake & cake topper: Krispy Kreme Donuts / DMA Creations

Stationery / Signage: DMA Creations

Entertainment: Andrew Rozen Music. Andrew was so great in supplying replacements the morning of the wedding as he was sick with no stress added to me!

Hire: Always Eventive

Honeymoon: Hamilton Island

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