Real Wedding – Megan & Alex, Coldstream VIC
Real Wedding – Megan & Alex, Coldstream VIC
Real Wedding – Megan & Alex, Coldstream VIC
Real Wedding – Megan & Alex, Coldstream VIC

Real Wedding – Megan & Alex, Coldstream VIC


Megan and Alex were all about creating a day that was full of romance and whimsy.

When it came to selecting a location, they didn’t have to look far, Alex’s family vineyard in Coldstream was the perfect backdrop to bring their celebration to life. They chose a special spot within the vineyard to host their ceremony and it brought a beautiful and relaxed energy to the moment as they exchanged their heartfelt vows. As they were about to seal the deal with a kiss, the heavens opened, but it did nothing to dampen this perfect pair’s spirits, taking it all in their stride.

Mismatched bridesmaids and some suave suits by our friends at YSG Tailors complemented Megan’s gorgeous gown as they had a ball while having their photos taken, before joining their nearest and dearest for a night to remember.

Quint Photography captured this day in all its glory, see it unfold here.


The meeting.

We met in high school but we weren’t really friends. It wasn’t until a few years after school that we started hanging out and really got to know each other.


The ‘one’.

I knew I’d found the one when after a tough day when I’d made a big mistake Alex still showed up at my door with a big bunch of flowers.


The proposal.

On the beach, drinking pink champagne at South West Rocks NSW.


Planning process.

It was long. We got engaged at the end of 2019, planned our first wedding for November 2020 but had to postpone due to COVID, had our second go for December 2021 then had to reschedule one more time to our final date in January 2022. We’d booked most of the big stuff when we first planned our wedding so all of that was just on ice until our actual wedding date, so it felt like I didn’t do much in the two years in between until the few months before our final wedding date.


Style inspiration.

We just wanted everything to be simple, warm and inviting. Our brief was romantic and whimsical for everything.


The ceremony.

We chose to have our ceremony at a very special spot on Alex’s family vineyard. It’s not a spot many people have ever been, but it’s got this beautiful calm energy to it. I decided it was the spot about four years ago and have been regularly dragging Alex down there to imagine it all with me ever since.


The outfits.

I wore a Made With Love dress that I chose with my best friend and her 7-month-old daughter at the time. It’s sat in the cupboard at my dad’s house for a year and a half until I got to wear it. Alex’s suits were from YSG, Alex decided on the colour and the style and tied it all into the overall colour scheme and feel of the wedding so well.


Favourite moment.

Doing our vows, the second time.


Meaning of marriage.

It means loving someone through it all. The good days, the hard days, the boring days, the stupidly fun days. It means having somewhere safe to go, always.


Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: Bloom by Paper Kites

Reception entry: Finally by CeCe Peniston

First dance: Futon Couch by Missy Higgins.


Funny stories or (near disasters).

Apart from all the Covid stuff in early January, the funniest near-disaster was the rain. It poured torrential rain as we said, ‘I do’ and sealed it with a kiss. There was nothing on the radar then apparently this big angry red dot just appeared out of nowhere right on top of us, and there was plenty of rain to show for it. It literally only rained for about 15 minutes then was sunny and beautiful.


Planning surprises.

How about 3 weeks out it all just comes together. All the planning and the thinking and the locking things in takes shape and you’re ready to go! Of course, there are still little things but overall, the key elements are there, and you’ll end up married regardless of the little things.


Words of wisdom.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. And schedule in ten minutes during the evening to spend just you and your partner to soak it all in. All the planning in the world doesn’t mean you’re in control so just enjoy it for what it is on the day because it’s perfect no matter what!


Wondering where to start when it comes to bridesmaid fashion? From colours to styles, fabrics and beyond, there are some key considerations that will help you narrow down a look for your wedding party ensemble and make the process an easier, (and dare we say perhaps even an enjoyable!) one. Read on for our take on where to start with bridesmaid/wedding party fashion.




Ceremony and receptionlocation: The Vines at Helens Hill Estate – 16 Ingram Road Coldstream

Celebrant/Officiant: Amor Weddings

Photography: Quint Photography

Styling: Megan and Alex

Florist: Started with Scarlett

Hair: H&M by Olivia Jane

Make Up: H&M by Olivia Jane and AshaLouise

The Dress: Made with Love 

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Hazel & Folk

Suits: YSG Tailors

Catering: The Vines at Helens Hill Estate

Favors: Handwritten cards to each guest

Stationery / Signage: Etsy and Vista Print

Entertainment: Zac Godwin – The Funguys

Transport: Yarra Valley A2B 

Hire: Just4Fun Yarra Valley 

Honeymoon: Italy in a few months!

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