Real Wedding – Mikyla & Tylan, Albany WA
Real Wedding – Mikyla & Tylan, Albany WA
Real Wedding – Mikyla & Tylan, Albany WA
Real Wedding – Mikyla & Tylan, Albany WA

Real Wedding – Mikyla & Tylan, Albany WA


For a love story that is all beauty, beaming smiles and natural magnetism, look no further than Mikyla and Tylan’s coastal celebration.

Mikyla and Tylan’s love of the ocean weaves throughout their day, and their choice to keep things refreshingly simple but equally stunning made for seamless, seaside fun.

Scrolling through the stunning images by In The Wilds of Someplace, we could not help but be blown away by the fresh, dynamic gorgeousness of this day; from the sun-drenched vista of the vast, sparkling ocean to the effortlessly exquisite colour palette of soft, warm hues in muted terra tones.

Mikyla was blown away by the star treatment she received when arranging her Chosen by One Day Bridal gown, which she wore with dazzling perfection. As the action on the dance floor heated up, she switched into a killer little white dress by Natalie Rolt, topped off with a custom made jacket by One Day Bridal.

We love a celebration that oozes aesthetic charm, unbridled emotion and a whole lotta fun!



The meeting.

We first met at a friend’s house. Two of our good friends, Ellen and Ethan, were living together after meeting at Trinity.

Mikyla: I remember seeing Tylan sitting around the table, intense eyes and a slight smile. As soon as a chair opened up next to him, I sat down and just started talking and talking and talking some more. I was nervous; the poor guy didn’t get a word in. We spent the whole night talking to each other; about books, uni, just everything. I remember going home so excited about meeting him and even more excited when he invited me to go camping with him over the break.

Tylan: I’d noticed Mikyla a few times (how could I not) at Ethan and Ellen’s but never had the chance to properly meet her. Next minute she was sitting next to me talking my ear off in her excited, bubbly way. We chatted the night away, talking about books, uni and growing up in the country. I left wanting to know more about her, and so I decided to invite her on a camping trip to remote Ningaloo station (i.e. no running water or phone service levels of remote) over the uni holidays. We went camping for five nights together after knowing each other for four hours, and we have been together ever since.


The ‘one’.

Mikyla:  When I first saw him?! But in all seriousness, it would have to be our first date, which was five nights camping in Ningaloo station.

The whole trip was amazing. It was full of swimming and snorkelling, walking and talking, building campfires, me making damper and him seeing my inner feral and still making me feel interesting and beautiful.

But the big moment was when we were snorkelling together, and I noticed there was fishing line wrapped around the reef. I tried to untie it, but I was as buoyant as a baby whale in my wetsuit and have the breath-hold of a five-year-old. I couldn’t do it. So, while I was trying to wiggle out of my wetsuit Tylan has just noticed it (and thankfully not my previous futile attempts), and with one big breath he unwrapped it with ease, bought it up to the dingy with a slight shake of the head, and I just fell in love with him.

Here was a man who loved the ocean, who just did the right things because they were right and was just so perfect in that moment, I can’t even explain.


Tylan: I don’t think there’s a special moment. For me, it was there ever since we met and went camping together for the first time.

It’s a summation of all the small things and moments that make me love Mikyla more than anything. Her constant kindness, love, loyal support and ability to rally for you when you need it. Her energetic, motivating and inspiring personality that pushes you to be the best version of yourself. Her scrambled eggs. Her drive to help people and advocate for those who need it. Her love of the ocean and sunshine. Her fire, determination and thought challenging. Her love of adventure and willingness to give anything a go.


The proposal.

Tylan proposed to me in Spain. We were sailing around the Balearic Islands (which Tylan literally planned less than a month before we left), with his family.

One day we went ashore to pick up some things and wandered past a jeweller. Tylan saw the perfect ring, so we tried it on. I fell in love with it, but he said “sorry honey we can’t afford it” which was fair as he had just taken us to Spain.

We spent the day exploring with his family and at the end found this little town called Valdemossa, which I fell in love with. It was picturesque with its cobblestone streets, mountains on the horizon and was somehow both vibrant and quiet.

Anyhow, we went back to the boat and then the next day was our three-year anniversary. I woke to Tylan having planned a full day for just us. First, we had a ride on an old timber train through the countryside, then we stopped off and got some lunch and went exploring.

He then took me to a bus stop and told me we would be heading back to Valdemossa, where he had booked us a villa to stay the night because he knew I wanted to spend more time there.

When we arrived, we checked into this amazing villa with a beautiful pool, green gardens and great views. We had a swim then went shopping (where Tylan got me a few presents), then did a wine tasting and bought a bottle to have with dessert at sunset. We then made our way to the restaurant where Tylan had booked dinner. We shared a bottle of white, lots of good food then made out way back to the villa with our bottle of red and some sweets in hand.

We set up in the garden, and I went inside to grab another candle. When I came back outside, I saw him on one knee; then he asked me to marry him.

It was the happiest day of our lives and could not have been more special.


Style inspiration. 

I didn’t have any real inspiration. I just wanted nice but relaxed/beachy/simple. I gave those ideas to my sister in law, who was studying costume and set design, and she created a look book for me that I sent to our vendors.


The outfit. 

My dress was off-white with thin straps, a low back and tightly fitted with a small train, paired with a massive veil with lace and pearls on it. Simple shoes, pearl and diamond earrings.

Well, I wanted simple and white, so initially I went to a store where I ordered a made to fit dress (where they make it to your measurements). However, in one of my follow up fittings I had put on weight as I had been exercising a lot more and was told that “my dress is not very forgiving” and advised to lose weight. This was all while preparing for my final year medical school exams and about two months out from my wedding. So, I told them I didn’t want to use their services because of their toxic attitude and had to scramble to find a dress.

I looked online and found Chosen by One Day. I called and explained my dilemma and told them which dress I liked. They asked me my measurements and got a girl with similar measurements to try it on (since they are based over east), then express posted it to me. Chosen was AMAZING to deal with. Honestly the most kind, delightful, joyous team who embody the happiness a wedding represents.

Then, as it wasn’t quite a perfect fit, I took my dress to Mei at Final Touch Alterations. She is honestly a wizard. She pulled my dress in here and there and thanks to her expertise, I got my perfect dress.

Finally, I wanted a big veil, so I googled and found Harriet Gordon. I loved her work, so I had some meetings with her to discuss what I wanted. As my dad had passed away, I wanted a little bit of him on it, so she got silver ferns and placed the lace through my veil with the pearls. My perfect look was achieved through sheer luck, and having wonderful people rally to help me achieve it.


Then I got changed because I like to be comfy and wanted to be able to dance. My second dress was a Natalie Rolt dress paired with an embroidered Mrs Lambert jacket by Chosen by One Day and my Gucci sneakers with a hint of my gooseberry bra showing. Just things I already had (with the Natalie Rolt being from my hens), that I popped on for the first dance and the rest of the night. It was the best choice as while my other dress was AMAZING this allowed me to have fun.


Favourite moments.

We would say all of it, as the whole day was so full of fun and laughter and nothing went wrong.

But, if we have to narrow it down, we would say the ceremony. It was so personalized, so intimate and was being witnessed by all of closest family and friends. The ceremony and that formal commitment to each other were why we were there, and what we were celebrating and the sheer intensity of all the overwhelming happiness in the process of becoming husband and wife was so special.


Meaning of marriage.

Marriage to us is a formal recognition of our commitment, our love and our respect for each other. You get married at your wedding, but marriage is the thing we get every day after for the rest of our lives. It’s the thing we get to celebrate in our everyday companionship; it’s the thing that can help anchor us through life’s rough patches as husband and wife, it’s the thing we get to smile at when we are old and remember all our years of marriage.

Marriage is lifelong and something you have to work on with your partner, but for every bit of work, the return is tenfold.

We can’t wait for this new chapter of our lives.


Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

Reception entry: Golden Years by David Bowie

First dance: Burning Love by Elvis Presley


Funny stories or near disasters.

Literally none. It was weird. Somehow the biggest day of our life, that we planned having no idea of what we were doing, went off without a hitch. I think it is largely because all of our service providers were so experienced.


Planning surprises.

The furniture arrangement and deciding how many chairs you need. You want enough that people can sit, but we also wanted people to dance and walk and mingle.


Words of wisdom.

Just have fun with it and make it what you want. Don’t get lost in the idea of the “perfect wedding.” It’s a day to celebrate your love, so as long as that is encompassed then all the extra stuff doesn’t matter.

Pick one or two things that you won’t compromise on and go all out on (for us it was the venue and images/video) then go cheaper on the rest. We used a local florist down the road, and the flowers were amazing but way more affordable.

Also, I could not recommend all of my vendors more.



Starting the search for your perfect wedding day outfit? We know it can be a daunting task at times. So, we have gathered some of the best designers and collection curators to make sure your outfit excursions are everything excitement and feel-good vibes, leaving you looking like the star you are! Check out our fashion directory here.



Ceremony and reception venue: Maitraya, Nanaryp. So picture-perfect, with ocean views and an amazing house that sleeps 16 people, so we could stay there with our family.

Celebrant/Officiant: Anna Cameron. Beautiful warm person to work with who gave us an amazing personalized ceremony.

Photography: In the Wilds of Some Place. The photos speak for themselves; very natural, dreamlike photos. They give you space and are not too intense. Good company.

Videography: Orriss Films. Film ninja who creates a masterpiece that captures the feel of the day and peoples personalities.

Styling: Amalia Lambert. My sister in law. She is a WAPA graduate who created the inspiration behind the look of the day.

Florist: Lizzi Bee Flowers. Gorgeous flowers, lovely staff, great quality bouquets and affordable.

Hair: Amy Baines. Vibrant and kind and an absolute hair whisperer. Great at natural looks.

Make-up: Ruth Wilmer. This is the girl who, by the time she’s done making you both look and feel like a goddess, you want to ask to be a bridesmaid!

The dresses: Chosen by Kyha Studios – I can not say enough nice things about Kyha Studios (formerly One Day Bridal). They are the reason I had a dress and went above and beyond to help me (gown and jacket). Natalie Rolt (reception dress).

Veil: Harriette Gordon. A beautiful soul who made me a sentimental piece so I could have a bit of dad with me.

Shoes: Wittner

Rings: Linneys. The BEST experience. They designed our rings with us, so we both got something unique; with my ring fitting in perfectly with my engagement ring and Tylans being super organic and interesting. Family run business and you can tell because they are so kind.

Bridesmaid’s dresses: One Fell Swoop

Groomsmen’s suits: MJ Bale

Catering: Woodfire Catering and Co. The food was insane. So much more than pizza. The catering staff are also sooo onto it. My stomach still rumbles when I think about the food and I still smile when I think about the people serving it.

Bar: Dan Murphys and Woodfire Catering and Co.

Cake: Family friend

Stationery / Signage: Anna’s pen

Entertainment: We just hired speakers and made a playlist.

Transport: Albany Limousines. We hired bus to take people to and from Albany to venue. Super helpful and flexible.

Décor and hire: Hire in Style. We were really bad at knowing what furniture we needed and they guided us every step of the way. Then, when setting up, they helped us out as we had forgotten to get a cake table. They just added on a few extra lights without cost, so it would look the best it could. Amazing to deal with.

Honeymoon: Raja Ampat. Amazing ocean life.

Other: Final Touch Alterations, Claremont. Mei from Final touch alterations is the best at what she does. She made my amazing dress into the PERFECT dress for me and she takes such care and pride in her work. We got my dress, all the bridesmaids dresses and all the grooms suits done there. Can’t recommend enough!


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