Real Wedding – Zoe & Coop, Dromana Vic

Real Wedding – Zoe & Coop, Dromana Vic


A chance encounter saw Zoe and Coop fall for one another immediately and they’ve been loved up ever since!

They chose the Mornington Peninsula to host their day as they adore the beach, and once their venue fell into place they set about creating a day that represented them to a tee. Their vibe was to keep the day relaxed, yet intimate and full of fun.

Their ceremony was a highlight and Zoe looked incredible in her custom-made gown.

Anchor and Hope captured the moments, so settle in and enjoy this sweet celebration.


In Zoe’s words…


The meeting.

We met nearly seven years ago now; in 2012. Love really does catch you when you least expect it…I (Zoe) had helped a close friend out with her older brother’s 21st birthday, I had known her family for a few years but had no idea that they had hosted a swimmer from New Zealand a few years before the 21st birthday.

An hour into the party, I was outside enjoying a drink and helping to greet guests, next a boy turns the corner that I didn’t recognise, I wasn’t introduced at the time so quietly stood back and admired (unbeknownst to me, he was doing the same). I then proceeded to go back and forth for drinks and food each time hoping that he saw me, my countless trips payed off because soon I turned around for another trip to the food table and nearly spun straight into Coop who was at my side ready to introduce himself.

We giggled at the absurdity of not having bumped into each other in previous years all the while both thinking about how easy the conversation was flowing. This soon turned into working out how to meet up with each other later in the night as Coop had another birthday to attend. Coop left and messaged my friend instantly to get my number as this had slipped his mind before leaving. We found one another later on in the night and spent that night and the two following together, learning everything there was about one another and have literally spent every day together since…

Our love for each other often sounds like a cliche, or what movies are made of but without a word of a lie; it was love at first sight, it was like we had known each other for lifetimes before this one, it was like we were born to find each other and for all these reasons we are forever grateful we found each-other when we did, let alone for the love we share.


The ‘one’.

We knew the night we met, after those first few nights together Coop dropped me home and we agreed to not play the usual ‘hard-to-get’ games, we had already passed that, we had fallen very very hard for each-other, the connection was instant and the depth was astonishing. Our connection certainly took us both by surprise. In the months following we had numerous occasions of catching ourselves saying the ‘L’ word, before saying it about three months after meeting.


The proposal.

In 2015, we had planned to travel to New Zealand to have a Christmas with Coop’s parents. I hadn’t visited yet so this was my first visit to Coop’s child-hood home however the potential ’opportunities’ really hadn’t crossed my mind. Unbeknownst to me (and to this day I do not know how he pulled it off as I am very, very aware of the things around me but it’s proving to be very easy to surprise me).

July that year Coop had travelled home for a short trip with work but while he was there he chose and bought an engagement ring which he left with his parents for safe keeping.

On the second night of our stay we were getting ready for a dinner outing with his parents, Coop had subtly asked me to wear a specific dress so that we were dressed up for the evening and then invited me outside for a champagne. We were standing outside watching the most magical sunset, with his arm around me and beginning to say some beautiful words (myself; still blissfully unaware of what was going on). Coop then asked me to stay there for a second, he ran to a flower bush in-front of us to collect a little box and before I knew it he was on one knee. Coop’s incredible night all went to plan until I was in so much shock that I barely answered so he had to ask for a second time just to make sure that I was sure! Luckily his gorgeous mum was near us secretly filming the entire occasion!


The process.

We didn’t get engaged to get married straight away, we thoroughly enjoyed a two and half year engagement. We loved being fiancées and at the end of the day you have the rest of your life to be husband and wife!

Again, we were extremely relaxed about the whole journey. We basically planned the whole thing in the space of about 12 months. Our venue was the first we looked at, a trend of falling in love with things at first sight. It was a suggestion from my god mother who lives in the area, the same for our florist who was a local as I kept travel prices in mind. Our videographer and photographer were our ‘splurge’ as well as my custom dress which I designed from scratch which was one of my favourite parts of the planning journey.


Style inspiration.

We decided to get married on the Mornington Peninsula as we are both loves of the beach. The rest came down to representing ‘us’ and involving friends and family as much as possible. We had a celebrant to officiate the marriage but had a close friend by her side to do everything that wasn’t legally required. Friends sang and played guitar before, during and after the ceremony. My younger siblings and mum spoke during the ceremony, another friend made our cake and doughnuts as well as a friend of my mum’s who custom made my dress.

All in all the style was relaxed, an out door wedding with an indoor reception which was dedicated to dancing the night away with our closest friends and family members, intimate yet epic.


The dress.

I’m fussy and indecisive at the best of times so finding a dress was daunting. Myself and my mum went to a couple of bridal shops to try on dresses to get an idea of what I wanted. The daughter in-law of one of my mum’s friends is Kara Jade Designs, so we organised a visit and soon began designing the dress of my dreams. I’m not a flouncy, fluffy, girly girl so I wanted something simple yet striking and breathtaking with a side of backless. Within a few sketches and further descriptions from myself Kara came up with the most stunning design which literally put what I had in my head on paper. It was a low back lace design, with shoestring straps, sweet heart neckline and scalloped hem. We manipulated lace I hand selected and set it against a shade of nude backing to make the lace detailing pop. I also wanted a pair ofstatement ‘fun’ heels so I found these beautiful pale pink tall block heels by Mollini which were adorned with feathers, these added a really playful element to my whole look which I loved! All in all, I wanted to take Coop’s breath away, and we (my dress and I) did just that.


Favourite moments.

Can I say every minute?!
A few of many include; both of my parents taking me down the aisle, seeing the beaming smiles of everyone I love in one space as I entered the space. But what topped it was our first dance, Coop had (again secretly) planned to have our close friend Hay sing our first dance song, ‘I Need My Girl by The National’. Coop finished his speech and asked me to our first dance, with my back to the mic we began dancing to the music and singing, he tapped me on the shoulder to turn around. I literally broke down when I turned around to see Hay standing singing to us. We barely moved, with all of the day’s emotions coming out at once, as we both sobbed into each other’s arms, swaying to the sweet sound of Hay’s incredible voice with lyrics that mean the world. This memory still makes me choke up even writing this.


Meaning of marriage.

Marriage means more to us every day, it is a representation of the connection we share, the love that still grows with every minute that goes by. A partnership of support, gratitude and endless joy. Treasuring the highs as well as the lows as both deepen a connection between two souls meant for one another. Marriage is our way of being able to show our full expression of love to one another across every facet of our lives.


Wedding soundtrack.

Pre-aisle: Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears – purely because it sounds like wedding bells!!

Aisle: My Girl by The Temptations

Recessional: Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves

First Dance: I Need My Girl by The National


Funny stories (or near disasters).

Zoe, I nearly walked out of the house without my bouquet.
Coop forgot his belt!

Funniest of them all – two years leading up to the wedding, the Father of the bride couldn’t say the word ‘wedding’ without chocking up (no matter the environment, this included work meetings!), let alone any movie featuring a wedding scene, this included Ice Age – Collision Course!


Planning surprises.

It still surprises me at how relaxed we managed to stay through-out it all, there were certainly stressful times but we were so focussed on having a day/night that involved all of our closest ‘people’ that we knew deep down that no matter what, it would all come together.


Words of wisdom.

The day really does go so fast, don’t sweat the little things concentrate on the both of you as that is all anyone at the wedding is there for. Enjoy every second, and invest in at the least a photographer or videographer to capture everything!



Many couples regret having a video footage of their day, so if you’re unsure if you wish to have a cinematographer or not, check out the talent on our directory and don’t let it be your regret.



Ceremony and reception location: Trofeo Estate, Dromana

Celebrant/Officiant: Maria McCarthy

Photography: Cam Grove of Anchor and Hope Photography

Videography: Glen & Chrissy at Social Cinema Melbourne 

Styling: I created/imagined everything myself – my florist helped on the day with set up.

Florist: Pretty Street Flowers

Make-up: Georgina Alexandra 

Hair: Meg 

The Dress: Kara Jade Designs 

Jewellery/Accessories: One Day Bridal and By Charlotte

Shoes: My statement shoes – pink feather heels by Mollini Shoes 

Rings: Anton Jewellers, Michael Hill and the groom’s is a personalised signet ring from Signet Circle  (the ring has a cursive Z on it)

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Pink velvet dresses from Shieke

Menswear: Black Tie Classic

Catering: Trofeo for cocktail style dinner, Icecream cart – LuvLee Icecream, Doughnut wall by Katies Lou’s Cakes 

Cake / Cake topper: Our very talented friend Kaitlyn from Katies Lou’s Cakes, with flowers from our florist.

Stationery / Signage: Being a creative with styling and graphic design skills, I designed it all myself.

Entertainment: Our friend Andrew played acoustic guitar while guests arrived and throughout the ceremony. We then hand selected every single song for the reception so only needed a dj to play them; Max Bishop who also provided a photo-booth.

Transport: S series Mercedes from Melbourne City Cars

Honeymoon: A six week holiday to and around Europe with Dubai on the way!!

Lawn games and other props: One Big Day Events and A Day to Remember Event Hire

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