Should we have our wedding day filmed? With Lightbox Media
Should we have our wedding day filmed? With Lightbox Media
Should we have our wedding day filmed? With Lightbox Media
Should we have our wedding day filmed? With Lightbox Media

Should we have our wedding day filmed? With Lightbox Media

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It’s a question we’re often asked – ‘should we invest in our wedding day being filmed?’. Understanding that an event budget is sadly, not infinite – oftentimes, the services of a videographer aren’t well understood or prioritised when it comes to planning your big day.

We are huge advocates for our filmmakers – those talented creatives who turn moments into ever-lasting memories, and allow you to re-live your wedding experience time and time again.

Lightbox Media has been an industry favourite of ours for years now. Pat, the Melbourne-based owner of the highly regarded business, is not only greatly experienced, but also exceptionally talented when it comes to the video space. We’ve taken the time to chat with Pat, to learn from an industry perspective some do’s and dont’s when it comes to video, and uncover a little more about the creative process that might shine a light on why we believe they are a valued and integral member in your wedding team line-up.

Hear from Pat here, and uncover some of Lightbox Media’s heart-warming and joy-filled wedding day captures – you won’t be disappointed.



So many couples say their one biggest regret is not having their wedding day captured in film, so can you please share with us your top three reasons why couples should have their wedding day filmed.

1. You cannot recreate what you don’t have. While photography is a key element to your day, a wedding film provides moments that a still image cannot. Think of those special moments a photo might not capture – vows, speeches by your parent/s, loved ones carrying on either behind the scenes or on the dance floor and of course a lovely smile from your Nan. Combine this with sound and moving imagery and you have a truly special keepsake.

2. Granted, you may not watch the wedding video every week, however, from time to time, you will no doubt want to re-live your day. It’s also wonderful to be able to share these moments with friends and family and generations to come.

3. Wedding films also provide a different perspective to photography. It’s not uncommon for us to have couples ask if we can capture a still image from their film because of this.


What are your top tips for couples when it comes to choosing a videographer?

Do your research to ensure they will communicate well with you. You’d want to make sure your videographer is on the ball with any changes that may occur in the lead up to the big day! It’s not a transaction – but a relationship. So communication is key.

While creativity is important, ensure that the created film is about you, not solely about the effects/editing. Is the pricing transparent?

Is the editing style modern yet timeless – how will it look in 5-10 years from now? Will it date?

Having multiple videographers on the day is handy right? Wrong!  It only serves to cause your guests to be annoyed as multiple videographers running around can cause distraction. You don’t need multiple videographers to produce a quality film.

Experience. It’s important that your videographer is experienced in what they do as they are the ones who have the know-how when it comes to high pressure situations at a real life events. Live events cannot be reversed so having a cinematographer that is experienced is really important.

How would you describe the Lightbox Media style when it comes to your cinematography?

When it comes to our wedding films, we like to describe our style as a mix of natural, modern and simplistic – something our clients really gravitate towards.


Your wedding films are emotive and really capture the love experienced on a wedding day. How do you establish a connection with your couples to bring trust and emotion on the day?

From the initial meeting, we aim to make our couples feel relaxed. Let’s face it, not many people out there love the idea of having a camera following them all day. So, we aim to build confidence and trust by getting to know our couples and understanding what they need while explaining the process, so they can feel at ease knowing they’ve secured professionals who know their craft.

Our ultimate aim is to highlight the reality of the day – capturing all the raw emotion, feels and laughter. Our focus is not so much on camera tricks and effects, but rather, telling the day as it is. We like to keep our approach on the day unobtrusive, allowing moments to occur naturally.


What do you love most about capturing celebrations of love? Do you have any particular favourite moments that take place on wedding day?

Being able to capture special moments with moving image is just something else! We are so privileged to be a part of so many love stories

Seeing laughter, tears, vows or speeches that have depth really moves us. Using these moments and then producing films our couples love feels so special.

Our favourite moments are first-looks and/or the moment a couple see each other for the first time as they walk down the aisle. It’s hard to not get caught up in it all and often we find ourselves having to hold back tears as we are filming and seeing these magical moments unfold. Capturing the way our couples look at each other, and hearing their vows expressed are moments that really highlight the importance of film.

Oh, and did we say how much we love seeing a dad look at his daughter? So moving.


What is the Lightbox Media experience? What can couples expect from you in the lead up and on the day?

We pride ourselves on not just being a product, but also a service.

We often receive reviews and emails from our couples expressing their satisfaction with our communication, kindness and just  how comfortable we made them feel with us on the day of their wedding.

It’s important to us that we are authentic, so, rather than a “ transaction” type relationship, we aim to be build an honest and real friendship with our couples.

What type of packages and features does Lightbox Media offer?

There are 3 options available. Each include a 3-5min highlight film and raw footage from the day which includes the ceremony and speeches.

All options can be customised to suit a couples day and needs though we find our most popular is the “highlights” option which includes a 7-10min film.


What advice can you give to couples when it comes to their wedding videography? How can they get the best out of their wedding videography experience?

1. We can guarantee that the end film will be something you want to watch often.

For example, not many people out there want to sit and watch a two hour wedding video. Perhaps this is why many feel they don’t want a wedding film, why many are put off the idea, and why some feel they will never watch it.

The wedding film should be about key moments and is why highlight films are so popular. You want to be able to watch your wedding day back in a way that brings it to life, while at the same time, keeping it concise and real, forever feeling grateful that you had your wedding day filmed.

2. When you secure your videographer, let them be the creatives. They know their craft, and after all, its their individual talent and creativity that drew you to them. So while you can definitely have an input – it’s important to allow your videographer to be free to be creative and excel at what they do.


Combined with your filming, often it’s the songs you lay over your films that also evoke emotion. How do you go about music selection? 

Much time is spent on carefully selecting the music track that brings out the best of your footage and events on your day.

We welcome our couples to choose from a library of tracks on offer, recommending they choose several tracks so we can then match the best track with the day’s footage. Most times though, couples leave it to us, so we can also choose the songs ourselves as we can visualise the edit/days footage with the track even before commencing the end process.


What are some of your favourite venues to film at?

We have so many favourite places, but we adore filming at Mitchelton Winery, Coombe Yarra Valley, Mt Duneed Estate and Jack Rabbit Winery.


If hearing from Pat and the talented Lightbox Media team has your dreaming of your own magical wedding day experience, we don’t blame you! Reach out to them here to see if they’re available to capture your moments and make them into memories.

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