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GIF booths are taking memorable moments to a whole new level and we are so happy we have the prettiest GIF booth on the block in Styling Socialite. If you’ve seen a GIF booth at an event lately, you know of the fun we are talking about. If you haven’t, you are missing out! Styling Socialite sat down with us to talk about these fast paced videos that are taking weddings and events by storm.


Who is Styling Socialite?

Essentially Styling Socialite is a GIF Booth. A GIF is a series of 6 images taken in sequence ever so quickly and it can then be sent to your phone in a matter of seconds.

You can then upload to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to share, no print outs just social domination!

Styling Socialite can take still images if it’s preferred, so she can used as a photo booth also.

I’m warning you though, she is a dame, a diva who loves to party and you should absolutely let her swan around your next event!



Why should she attend a couples wedding day?

She is so much fun and is another avenue for capturing the joy of the day. It allows guests to get involved, have a giggle and have something to share with guests. It also allows a bride and groom to see the moment they might miss as they’re so busy on the day.

Social media has a large presence at a wedding day now, any tips for creating the perfect hashtag?

We love a hashtag that is fun so it’s wise to create something that is unique to the couple. A hashtag example is #happilyevergraham (surname to be) instead of something predictable.

The gifs can also be branded so works well if a wedding or event has a logo. If you don’t have one, we can do one for you with the names of the bride and groom and date.

What does it cost to have Styling Socialite at an event?

It’s $990 for a 4 hour booking, this gives you 4 hours of unlimited GIF’s or stills. If your wedding is coastal or country we charge a small cost for travel.



Does Styling Socialite come with any staffing?

Yes, you also receive one of our gorgeous models from our agency Styling Australia who will set up, pack down and help you all the way

What sets Styling Socialite apart from other photo booths on the market?

Firstly, no chords, no power needed which means Styling Socialite can be set up anywhere, even a paddock! We run on our own small battery pack which clicks on the back, we use our own WiFi so no glitches with uploads and it really is the most glamourous booth around. The halo light which can be dimmed to suit also makes everyone look super pretty, oh, and we have a filter option on images too.

We love that Styling Socialite is glamorous, yet doesn’t steal the show, where do you find is the best position for Styling Socialite at a party?

We find a pre-drinks area can be a great spot. Guests have a giggle while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive or at the end of the night when all the formalities and speeches are out of the way. Often she can stand near the dance floor area and by the end of the night, everyone is fighting for a go!



Keen to book this diva for your event? Click here.

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