The legend behind the lens: Chloe May

The legend behind the lens: Chloe May

We are constantly impressed by the calibre of talent among our Tribe photographers, who play such an important role in the special celebration of a couple on their big day.


When it comes to finding the best in the biz, it is impossible to look past the creative and classic style of Melbourne-based Chloe May.


Chloe is a legend behind the lens, and her work is in high demand, so when we were lucky enough to sit down and explore where her passion comes from and pick her brain about getting the best out of our wedding plans, we were tickled pink.


Get to know Chloe, and if you haven’t already – fall in love with her breathtakingly beautiful work here.




Chloe, you have a natural talent for capturing so many magical moments on a wedding day, but how did you come to be a wedding photographer?

I always loved taking portraits of people. I gravitated towards portraits rather than landscape or other types of photography whilst I was studying. My portraiture teacher Kat was really the one who introduced me to wedding photography and how incredible it was. I loved looking at the stories of people’s day, enjoying the little details and beautiful styling they’d put into their wedding. Kat runs an amazing wedding photography business herself, as one half of ‘It’s Beautiful Here’. Once I finished studying I was lucky enough to start work with ’The White Tree’ immediately and it was with them I was able to hone my craft.


What would say your photography ‘style’ is?

My style is ever changing! I think it’s important to be able to adapt with changes in the industry as well as subtle changes with every couple I meet and photograph. I like to use a lot of natural light, and to be able to capture romantic moments as they happen naturally, without having to force it. If I had to put it into words I would say it’s classic, natural and romantic.



When someone books with you, what can they expect from the ‘Chloe May’ experience?

The ‘Chloe May’ experience is that it’s your day, not mine! I don’t want to take over the day by any means and I believe it’s really important to be able to work with a couple’s schedule of how they’ve planned their day. I hear from couples who have met with photographers who demand a certain timeline and I think it’s important to be able to work within the couple’s timeline, rather than making them work within mine.


Do you offer set packages and what kind of coverage do you include when shooting a wedding?

I offer three set packages: 6 hours, 8 hours and 10 hours. Within those times you can also add additional hours to suit your day.



What is your favourite moment to capture during a wedding celebration?

My favourite moment is during the sunset/dusk portraits. It’s moment where I duck out with the couple for 10 minutes during the reception. It’s such a nice time for them to take a breather and absorb their day together. The portraits are always so beautiful as the light is perfect and the couple are the most relaxed and happy at this time.


What are your thoughts when it comes to a ‘first look’ on a wedding day?

I’m still in two minds! I think it is a really nice way to take the pressure off and have a lovely private moment together before the ceremony. It is also a good way to get the portrait session out of the way so you can relax and enjoy the celebrations with your guests after the ceremony. However, I do love the moment a groom sees his bride for the first time walking down the aisle.



We know that people run tight timelines on their wedding day, what are some tips or advice that you can give couples to ensure they run on time and can maximise the time they’ve dedicated for having photos taken?

I would definitely recommend not scheduling the day down to the minute. It will stress you out too much that way! It’s always advisable to give yourself a buffer in case things run late. This definitely applies more so to city weddings where we have to travel from place to place, taking into account things like parking and traffic (especially peak hour Melbourne traffic on a Friday!). These little things are definitely important.


If you could shoot a wedding at any destination, where would it be?

Italy Italy Italy!!!



What is some advice you would offer brides or grooms who are feeling anxious ahead of being in front of the camera on their wedding day?

I always say to my couples, this is not your average day! You’re going to be glammed to the max, wearing your best dress and suit and you’ve just married the love of your life! You’re not going to feel the same as if I was photographing you in your work clothes on a Tuesday. This is your wedding day and I promise you will feel so differently, and the moments and the photos will just come without you having to think about it. Plus, I find that by the time we get to the portraits (which is what most couples are nervous about), we have already spent the day together so having the camera around just becomes a natural part of the day.


Are there some tips you can offer as to what to avoid when planning your day, or special words of wisdom you can share to get the most out of a wedding celebration?

Natural light is a big thing. When getting ready, try to pick accommodations that offer a lot of natural light. This helps immensely with photos as well as makeup artists and hair stylists. Plus, it is the most flattering light you can have.

Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the day! You’ve spent years or months planning this day so just enjoy it! No need to worry about the little details, let someone else worry about it for you! The day will fly so you want to be able to live it, love it and remember it!



Because we want our readers to get to know you better, can you describe for us, what would be your perfect day?

My perfect day (complete pipe dream) would be to get married in Italy. Almost an elopement but I would love to have my close family present. We would stay in a villa all together and eat good food and dance outside under the stars with lots of good Italian wine!


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