ajr films excels in creating natural wedding films with a focus on raw storytelling. Each film is uniquely crafted to tell the narrative of the couple and their wedding day with the time taken to build the story organically. The major events of the day are lovingly captured alongside the smaller, more intimate moments that often go unnoticed, resulting in a wedding film that is truly engaging.


Anthony and Gracie, the talented husband-and-wife duo behind ajr films see filmmaking as a process with many layers. They believe your wedding film should be more than a collection of shots; it should tell your story. Their approach to wedding filmmaking can be described in one word – observational. This isn’t a throwaway line; it encapsulates their whole philosophy on wedding filmmaking. It impacts the way they prepare for your celebration; the type of gear they use, the way they position themselves, the way they compose their shots and most importantly, the way they tell your story. All they want for their couples is to relax, enjoy their day, spend quality time with loved ones and trust them to tell your story.


ajr Films are all about about adopting a fly-on-the-wall approach, working behind the scenes to create lasting memories for each couple to re-live with family and friends.



If a natural, personal and truly beautiful film of your dream day is on your must-have list, look no further than ajr films – you’ll be so glad you did.



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