Alegria Photo and Film

Capturing authenticity while unveiling elegance, Alegria Photo and Film was born when creative duo, led by photographer Gabby and videographer Ray, combined their seamless synergy to preserve and capture precious moments of a couple’s most memorable day.


Drawn together by a shared aesthetic and passion for capturing love stories in uniquely captivating ways, Gabby and Ray have a breadth of experience and on-the-ground knowledge which has inspired them to redefine wedding photography and film with their personable approach, timeless aesthetic and authentic style. What sets this duo apart is that they know exactly how the other works and what they creatively need on your wedding day, allowing them to work and document every moment seamlessly.


With a business ethos that truly values human connection, for Alegria Photo and Film, the wedding day moments, no matter how small, carry profound significance.


Their goal is to both share their passion and skill with the world and preserve love stories that can be cherished for years to come.


Through their combined packages, as well as individual photo or film services, Alegria don’t have a one size fits all approach to the day. They recognise that each wedding is a unique and specially curated affair, and as such, take the time to get to know their couples, so that by the  wedding day it feels like you are spending it with friend.


And when that friend is there? That’s the magic.


With a unique style and approach to their craft – Gabby and Ray create a fusion of authentic and timeless elements with a touch of editorial flair. This approach has been meticulously honed, perfecting the art of capturing love stories in a genuine, elegant and set to be forever treasured way.


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