Anchor + Hope Photography

Cam Grove is not your typical wedding photographer. With over 14 years of experience and more than 400 weddings to his name, the Anchor + Hope brand has transformed the way couples view their special day.


In 2009, Cam shot his first wedding for a couple seeking a photographer outside the conventional wedding industry. Initially skeptical of wedding photography’s potential for cliché, Cam quickly discovered a deeper purpose – to document the day authentically, focusing on the people rather than the spectacle. This epiphany laid the foundation for his unique approach that has followed.


At the core of Cam’s philosophy is the belief that weddings are about people. He prioritises capturing the fleeting moments – the tender exchanges between generations, the quiet conversations between loved ones, the merging of friendship groups. These are the snapshots of memory that endure long after the day has passed.


Cam’s style is relaxed, embracing, and poetic. He eschews rigid poses and forced smiles in favour of candid authenticity, allowing the day to unfold naturally while he discreetly documents its poetry.


Despite his experience and expertise, Cam also remains committed to affordability and accessibility. He believes that every couple deserves stunning wedding photography without breaking the bank, and this commitment ensures that his services remain within reach for most couples, regardless of budget constraints.


To work with Anchor + Hope is to entrust your most precious moments to a true artist and storyteller. With him behind the lens, you’re gaining a partner in preserving the beauty and significance of your wedding day for generations to come.


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