James White Photography

James White Photography offers a unique blend of professionalism and personal touch that sets him apart in the world of wedding photography.


With a passion for capturing not just moments, but the essence of love and family, Jimmy embarked on his journey into photography in 2017, and his dedication stems from a deep-rooted desire to prioritise family, a value he holds dear and infuses into every aspect of his work.


What makes Jimmy truly exceptional is his comprehensive service approach. Beyond stunning photography, he extends his expertise to planning and on-the-day coordination, ensuring a stress-free experience for couples. His inclusion of video services, seamlessly integrated into these packages, further enhances the depth and richness of memories captured. Jimmy’s commitment to building genuine relationships goes beyond professional boundaries. He welcomes couples into his life, inviting them to share moments with his own family, fostering a bond that extends far beyond the wedding day.


James White Photography promises not just beautiful photos, but an adventurous, stress-free, and fun experience from start to finish. With Jimmy, it’s not just about documenting a wedding; it’s about creating the first chapter of your family’s story, immortalised in images that will be cherished for generations to come.


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