Elsa Campbell

Elsa Campbell has loved photography for as long as she can remember. Her friends and family swiftly turned her interest into a full-time affair and since 2014 she has been busy producing incredible wedding day memories for hundreds of couples.


Elsa just adores her job, and capturing the different layers of a wedding day – from the small details, to the interesting light, the cheeky glances, loving touches, big moments of joy and everything in between  – she has definitely found her calling.


Loving that each couple and their celebration is unique, Elsa adores that it’s her photos that will forever keep those couples connected to their happiest memories. It’s a gift of which she’ll never tire and a true ‘pinch me’ moment on the regular.


Elsa’s work is candid, colourful and romantic, it is emotive in the very best of ways – the pure elation on the faces of those she documents, is something that will stop you in your tracks.


Approaching her work with thoughtfulness, professionalism and so much heart, Elsa proudly makes dreams come true for those colourful romantics among us.


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