Nikki McCrone Photography

It’s no wonder Nikki McCrone is a photographer, having purchased a camera with her first pay cheque at only 14 years of age, it was only natural she would fall into this field.


Nikki simply loves shooting weddings, it is the perfect passion and creative outlet for her talent and when it comes to capturing you and your love story, she offers bloody fun times with the people you love. She wants your bridal portraits to be about spending beautiful time together as newlyweds in golden light, talking about crazy Aunt Betty and the bloopers that may have occurred during the ceremony or on the day. Nikki likes to give you time and space to take the day in as she sits back and photographs you living the magical moments.  You can also be guaranteed that she will bring fun to your bridal party and capture the laughter and love all the most special people in your life bring.


Weddings make Nikki’s heart beat strongly and she loves all the moments. From proud parents watching their children get ready, hearing heartfelt vows, watching self-confessed ‘camera shy’ people being adorable and cute as hell in from of the camera, to the funny speeches and being able to capture the little moments you might otherwise have missed.


Nikki has a natural flair for making people feel comfortable, quickly, and she can talk to anyone. She has a lovely sense of humour (well that’s what her mum tells her) so she is a joy to have with you on the day. Because of this, you can feel at ease and know that Nikki will capture the day exactly as it unfolds and that she will play the perfect role in your day – shooting incredible imagery one moment and dancing around the dance floor next as she captures all the action!


Nikki’s portfolio of beautiful imagery really does speak for itself, be sure to add her to your wedding day Tribe and let the incredible results speak for themselves.

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