Nikki McCrone Photography

Hi, I’m Nikki!


I take vibrant wedding photos for extraordinary lovers. The kind you share with your one.


So, what’s my style? It tends to be fun, bright and honest. Look at my photos and you’ll see couples with individual style having a blast – lively images with pops of colour.


I have a way of capturing your ‘us’ – the weird and wonderful connection you share. This is where the magic is, and I get it.


I’m not really a fan of posed photos; I prefer capturing real interactions. I want to see you move the way you normally move and look how you usually look. Just bring your personality and I’ll take honest photos of your real selves.


I gravitate towards couples who are not afraid of doing things their way. Whether that’s planning a ceremony that’s a little left of centre; throwing a wedding on a mountain top or rockin’ colourful outfits down a makeshift aisle. I want to celebrate you doing you.


I’m the kind of person who can talk to anyone. If they’re part of your tribe, we’ll vibe. And this comfort is why your photos will turn out so well.


I get genuinely excited about your wedding because, by the time the day rolls around, you’re my mate and I want you to have a bloody ball. I want your wedding to be relaxed, happy and fun – and I go out of my way to make it that way.


Think we’ll get along? Me too!


Let’s do it.

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