Wishful started in 2022 as a way to transform the cash gifting experience. While there are lots of options when it comes to online registries, the Wishful team felt there were limited options when it came to online wishing wells or honeymoon funds, so they set out to create something modern, beautiful and simple to use, for those that wanted the simplicity of receiving cash gifts.


Wishful brings the traditional wishing well concept into the digital world and elevates the experience of cash gifting into one that feels modern and meaningful, with a platform for couples to receive cash gifts, in a way that feels authentic and meaningful for all involved.


Couples can personalise a gifting page, share the URL, securely receive gifts and messages from guests, and send replies to each one – all in the one place. This truly makes the platform the perfect way to receive the gifts you really want, without any waste or the hassle of registries or boxed gifts.


Cash gifting is the way of the future! It allows a couple to put their gifts towards what means the most to them, and using Wishful’s streamlined platform ensures that gifting process feels less transactional and more personal, for couples and guests alike.


Modern, meaningful and free for hosts to use, it’s a no-brainer to consider bringing your guests on a journey as part of the gifting experience.




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