Sarah Godenzi


Sarah Godenzi is a memory-taking magic maker. With a relaxed and journalistic approach to documenting a couple’s most treasured moments, she seamlessly captures seemingly insignificant moments with ease, and without interference.


Telling a story from start to finish – from those moments of preparation in the morning, right through until your Grandma is kicking up her heels on the dance floor well into the night, Sarah leaves weddings feeling energised, excited, and as though she has truly made two new friends in the process.


While she excels in making every minute of your day as fun as can be, Sarah not only wants couples to adore their wedding day photos (oh, and adore them they do!), she also wants them to remember the laughs experience along the way. There is no better feeling than knowing her imagery has evoked tears of joy.


Taking pride in her work, telling stories through camera lens and capturing real and honest emotion – Sarah is not only a joy to have around, her imagery is the icing on the cake. She really is the complete package.

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