Smith + Archer

Why does Ali, founder of Smith + Archer, love shooting weddings?


Because she believes weddings are one of those rare times in life that a ‘vibe’ is palpable. Where a group of people get together to celebrate love. Your love; and what could actually be better than that?


Ali brings her natural, quirky and fun flair to every wedding she shoots and the beauty in her images speak for themselves.


Smith + Archer love shooting couples that make their wedding celebrations unabashedly them. Celebrating couples that do it their own way, with details and inclusions that are important and unique to them.


Being a country girl herself, Ali is a huge fan of a country wedding and she has an incredible eye for detail. But most of all, Ali will keep you relaxed throughout the entire process as she candidly captures your love.


Ali is a photographer for loved up couples who make their own traditions.


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