Finder Seeker thrives on photographing unique and personalized weddings that are full of huge smiles, happy tears, whole belly laughs, dancing with abandon, and a whole lot of fun and love.


Based in Melbourne, Deanne, the founder and creative behind Finder Seeker is all about connection and keeping it real. She will never ask anything of her clients that isn’t honest and representative of who they are. In fact, Finder Seeker will be there every step of the way – she will laugh with you, shed a tear with you, smile with you and be her down-to earth self throughout your day.


Finder Seeker’s style lends itself towards a documentary style of photography with just the right amount of creative shots in the mix too. Passionate about making visible the beauty we all hold within is why she feels so very lucky to share in one of the happiest days in people’s lives.  Capturing moments that will bring a smile to faces for decades to come.


Heartfelt, authentic and relaxed, if Finder Seeker’s approach reflects you as a couple, then we think you will be great friends!

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