Sven Studios, with over 17 years of expertise and 400 weddings captured, is dedicated to transforming heartwarming moments into timeless photography. Their relaxed approach allows genuine love story moments to shine. Beyond traditional services, they offer personalised experiences, keeping bookings limited so couples have their full attention.


With an award-winning background in Landscape and Science work, Sven Studios brings an ethereal flair to their photography. They aim to narrate the entire venue’s story, not just faces. Meanwhile, their videography, incorporating vintage super 8 film, virtual reality, and drone footage, breathes life into every moment.


Going beyond the lens, Sven Studios adds playful elements with photo booth experiences and an innovative Audio Guest Book. They even craft bespoke bridal bouquet charms.


Passionate about capturing spontaneous moments, Sven Studios creates an atmosphere where couples can relax and be themselves, ensuring authentic and heartfelt moments unfold naturally. With a commitment to authenticity, innovation, and dedication, Sven Studios offers personalised and eco-conscious wedding photography and videography services across Australia and the world.



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