The 8th Day Studio

Build wedding floral dreams with award-winning The 8th Day Studio who are focused on creating exquisite floral designs for weddings and events.


Founded in 2022 by Nancy Zhao, The 8th Day Studio is a collective of passionate designers and artists who find pure delight in the art of creating beautiful designs. Offering wedding styling, including floral design as well as wedding planning, every aspect of the design and planning process ignites a spark within them – from the vibrant colours and captivating contrasts to the materials carefully selected to bring weddings to life. Their devotion to their craft stems from the immense joy they derive from making people feel truly happy.


But more than that, The 8th Day Studio, embodies a commitment to go above and beyond to create an extraordinary experience. Happiness is at the core of what they do, as they personalise your experience and ensure prices are affordable and customised to meet your individual needs. Their name says it all, as they hold a belief that the happiness they bring clients should extend beyond the limits of a typical week. It’s about adding that extra touch, that magical eighth day where dreams take shape and love knows no bounds.


Weddings hold a special place in the hearts of The 8th Day Studio, they know the immense importance these cherished events bring and feel privileged to be on the journey with their couples and making their dreams a stunning reality. The ultimate reward is witnessing the joy and satisfaction their work brings, further evoking passion, motivation, and wonder.


The work ethic and passion behind The 8th Day Studio exudes in all that they do, and each designer is an expert in the industry. Even the smallest details carry immense significance to this talented team. They revel in the intricate details, the delicate interplay of colours, and the fusion of textures that infuse weddings with magic. Each design element has a purpose, carefully chosen to create an atmosphere that reflects the unique love story of their couples as they pour their hearts and talent into every creation, ensuring that the end result is a symphony of beauty that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all who witness it.


Pushing boundaries and always seeking innovative ways to make every wedding an extraordinary affair, The 8thDay Studio extend the boundaries of happiness, so that love, joy, and beauty become timeless treasures that transcend the limitations of time and space.


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