Tillee Music is a talented collective of musicians across Melbourne and Sydney, though they wander far and wide.

With a passion for creating a unique and memorable music experience for your special day, Tillee Music specialise in two-piece acoustic duos, with a focus on quality and simplicity.

To create their musical magic for any type of wedding or event, each Tillee musician is handpicked on account of their talent, passion, style and sound – they embody everything Tillee Music is about.

With a belief in the power of music to connect people in profound ways, Tillee encourages you to choose songs that are meaningful; they are there to work with you on your journey and want to make it as unique as it deserves to be.

Covering ceremonies, pre-reception canapés and of course, receptions – if you are looking to create a great vibe with terrific tunes, both new and old – they would love to hear from you.



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