Yaya Films

Yaya Films have made a name for themselves on the wedding scene because they create wedding videos that are full of snort-inducing laughter, mascara-ruining tears, pant-splitting dance move moments and the joyous chaos of weddings!


Yaya Films have a passion for storytelling, they know each couple’s story is one-of-a-kind and they set out to capture every fun-filled moment, creating a keepsake that you are guaranteed to watch on repeat. This talented crew doesn’t back themselves into having one particular style, rather they let all your moments unfold naturally, and film in a style that is authentically you.


All they want is for you to enjoy yourselves and on the day, you will find Yaya Films become not only your cinematographer but your unofficial wedding squad, unlicensed party starter, dad joke provider and the ultimate support every step of the way.


Yaya Films love an adventure and are ready to travel, so consider their bags packed, passports valid and be sure to take them with you, wherever your wedding celebration may be.

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