Things to consider when booking your celebrant
Things to consider when booking your celebrant
Things to consider when booking your celebrant
Things to consider when booking your celebrant

Things to consider when booking your celebrant


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Finding a celebrant can be one of the more confusing parts of wedding planning. Because, of course, it’s not just about finding any celebrant. For many couples, it’s about finding the right celebrant for you, one that you connect with, that makes you feel comfortable, and that you can trust to portray your relationship in a way that reflects you. So, where to start?

We’ve outlined some of the essential things to consider when finding the perfect person to officiate your big day, as well as some ideas of where to begin.

It’s a wild world out there in wedding Google land, so sit back and allow us to guide you.



Your vision.

Our recommendation is to take a quick five minutes with your partner to chat through what you imagine when you think about your ceremony. Often, when you’re at the beginning of your wedding planning journey, this is unknown territory. So, start with what’s important to you. What are your values and beliefs? Do you want to include family or friends in your ceremony? Is it more about keeping things brief, or do you want to paint more of a picture of your relationship? Are any traditions important to you? Sometimes it can help to think about other weddings you may have seen and try and reflect on what you loved, or equally tellingly, disliked about them.

A few simple notes can help narrow down your choices when you begin the search for your celebrant.



One of the best things about celebrants these days is that they are a truly diverse bunch. So, when you’re scrolling celebrants on Insta or trawling through Google, look at how different celebrants portray themselves. Does the language they use resonate with you? Do they look like the sort of person you would enjoy spending time with? We all know social media and images online show a particular version of a person. But, put everything together, and you can get a good feel for who the personality is behind the business.


Open-minded, traditional, somewhere in between.

This is where your original list comes in handy. Is it important to you to have a celebrant who is open-minded and uses inclusive language? Look for that when you’re browsing.

Have you decided you want a more traditional, formal ceremony? Keep that in mind as you read how celebrants describe their approach. Sticking true to what is important to you right from the beginning will make the process much easier and will help guide your decision making.


Get the goss.

Reviews are such a great way to get a true indication of what a celebrant delivers. I mean, when we really love something, we talk it up! Pay attention to any elements that get repeated in reviews, and if they fit with what is important to you, chances are you’re onto a good thing.

Reviews or recommendations from other vendors are also a significant indicator that someone will be pretty amazing. If venues, photographers, videographers or musicians are recommending a celebrant, it’s a great sign. If you’ve already booked a few vendors, chat to them about who you’re considering as your celebrant – they’ll likely have a good idea if they’re going to be the right fit for you.


Money talk.

Celebrants come at a range of different price points. And, of course, every couple has a budget to work towards. So, as you’re reaching out for quotes, remember how much of an impact your celebrant will have on your day. A great celebrant truly has the ability to set the tone for the celebration that is to come. They can create a moment that you and your guests will remember for a long time, make you feel at ease and excited, and ensure that all the little details are taken care of. Our advice is to find a handful of celebrants who feel like the best fit, reach out for their prices, and if a little adjustment in your budget feels possible to secure one of these dream day legends, it will likely be worth it.


Quote notes.

Of course, not all celebrants offer the same service. When you’re comparing quotes, check what is included. A few things to consider:

  • Music. Many celebrants will have or will arrange a sound system, usually a good quality microphone and speaker that doesn’t require power. Some will be able to play pre-recorded music through this if you’re not engaging a musician. Whilst some celebrants will offer to source and operate the music for you, some prefer you to nominate a guest to help with this. Chat with them to work out these details if it is unclear.
  • The number of meetings and rehearsals. Most celebrants will offer a few meetings. Some will include a rehearsal or final meeting in their price, but some may charge extra or have restrictions on their time for rehearsals. It’s worth checking when you meet.
  • Travel. Ensure the fee includes travel costs, if it’s not specified.
  • Marriage certificates. Check whether your celebrant orders and pays for your marriage certificate to be delivered to you after the wedding (this is only possible in certain states, such as Victoria).


Unprecedented times.

Celebrants are pretty fantastic people, but they are still human, and unfortunately, sometimes things can happen outside of anyone’s control that may mean they can’t deliver your ceremony. Most celebrants have networks and pre-arranged plans for how other celebrants will step in if something unfortunate does occur. Chat to your celebrant about whether they have a backup plan, and rest assured they will make every effort to minimise the impact on you.



All these practicalities are important, but let’s go back to the beginning. The most important thing of all is that you like this person. They are going to be with you during one of the most epic, possibly intense, probably incredible moments of your life. Do you feel comfortable with them? Do they make you feel excited? Can you see the smile all over their face as they say those gorgeous words that make you married? If so, don’t overthink it. Book them in.


So, where do I find this super talented, warm and wonderful person?

Ok, we hear you. This is all great, but the wedding world can be overwhelming when you begin your planning. Directories you trust are a great place to begin your search (of course, we love the celebrants on our directory!), as are recommendations that your friends, your venue, planner or other vendors may have provided you. Real weddings can be super helpful to find celebrants with a similar style to you too – check out some stunners on our blog.


So, open a bottle of your favourite beverage, settle in on the couch and be prepared to enjoy the first step towards being legally married!

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